Roscoe Shorey : “Mountain Climber Dies in St Helens Fall”

By | April 3, 2024

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**Experienced Climber Found dead in Mount St Helens Crater**

A tragic discovery was made on Washington’s Mount St Helens as the body of an experienced climber was found in the crater of the stratovolcano. The climber, identified as 42-year-old Roscoe Shorey from Washougal, was preparing to make a descent of the mountain by snowboard.

**Discovery of the Body**

The Skamania County Sheriff’s Office received a report from a climbing group who had reached the summit of Mount St Helens and spotted the body within the crater, approximately 1,200 feet below the summit. The group first noticed some personal items at the summit, which led them to the tragic discovery.

**Snow Cornice Hazard**

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Near the personal belongings, a snow cornice near the rim fractured and fell into the crater, leading to the climber’s demise. Snow cornices are overhanging masses of snow that can break away, especially during warm, sunny periods. The unstable nature of these formations can pose a significant risk to climbers and hikers.

**Recovery Efforts**

Members of the Volcano Rescue Team had to be airlifted to the edge of the crater at 8,363 feet before ascending on foot to recover the body. Roscoe Shorey, who had summited the volcano 28 times previously, met his untimely end during what was supposed to be another successful climb.

**Spring Conditions Warning**

As spring approaches, it’s essential for climbers and outdoor enthusiasts to be aware of the changing conditions on mountains. Warming temperatures can lead to instability in the snowpack, increasing the risk of avalanches and other hazards such as snow cornices. Checking the mountain weather forecast and avoiding high-risk factors is crucial for a safe expedition.

**Remembering Roscoe Shorey**

Roscoe Shorey, a resident of Washougal, was known for his love of climbing and snowboarding. With 28 successful summits of Mount St Helens under his belt, he was considered an experienced and skilled climber. His tragic accident serves as a reminder of the dangers that can be present in the mountains, even for those with extensive experience.

**Staying Safe in the Mountains**

To avoid accidents like the one that befell Roscoe Shorey, it’s important for climbers to be cautious and vigilant when exploring mountainous terrain. Keeping a safe distance from ridgelines and summit edges can help prevent incidents involving snow cornices and other natural hazards.

In conclusion, the loss of Roscoe Shorey on Mount St Helens is a somber reminder of the risks associated with mountain climbing. As the spring season brings changing conditions to the mountains, it’s crucial for outdoor enthusiasts to prioritize safety and be aware of potential dangers. Let us honour the memory of Roscoe Shorey by learning from this tragic incident and taking precautions to ensure our own safety in the wilderness..

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