Helen Renee Groomes : “Iowa girl found in Mississippi River in 1978 identified via DNA”

By | April 3, 2024

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Identification of the Victim

Forty-six years after a Missouri hunter stumbled upon a body in the Mississippi River, authorities have finally identified the victim as 15-year-old Helen Renee Groomes from Iowa. The discovery was made near Elsberry, Missouri, in March 1978. Initially, the body was believed to belong to a woman aged 30 to 40, with only a cat’s eye ring and a mysterious tattoo as clues to her identity. The cause of death was listed as “undetermined,” and she was laid to rest in Troy, Missouri, under the name “Lincoln County Jane Doe.”

Scientific Breakthrough

In a remarkable turn of events, Coroner Dan Heavin decided to exhume the body in October, leading to a collaboration with anthropology experts at Southeast Missouri State University. Through advanced bone and dental analysis, as well as DNA testing at the private lab Othram Inc., a genealogical profile was created. This breakthrough not only provided crucial leads in the investigation but also reunited Helen with her long-lost family.

Family Connection

Kevin Groomes, Helen’s brother, came forward after learning about the new developments. He revealed that his sister had gone missing in 1977 and confirmed that he was the one who inked the tattoo on her arm, bearing the name “Del” as a tribute to her boyfriend at the time. The emotional reunion with Kevin shed light on Helen’s past and brought closure to a decades-old mystery.

Reopening the Case

Following the identification of Helen Groomes, the Wapello County Sheriff’s Office in Iowa has reopened the investigation into her death. With new information at their disposal, authorities are determined to seek justice for Helen and ensure that her story is finally told. This renewed effort reflects a commitment to solving cold cases and bringing closure to families who have long awaited answers.

In conclusion, the journey to uncovering Helen Groomes’ true identity is a testament to the power of forensic science and perseverance. Through the dedication of law enforcement officials, anthropologists, and DNA experts, a long-forgotten victim has been given a name and a story. As the investigation continues, the memory of Helen Renee Groomes lives on, reminding us of the importance of never giving up on seeking the truth..

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