Kendra Long : “Child Hands Drugs to Police, Mom Arrested”

By | February 13, 2024

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**Henderson police Department Body Cam Captures 9-Year-Old Boy Handing Officers Bag of Drugs**

A shocking incident unfolded in the quiet Inspirada neighborhood of Henderson in July 2022, as captured by a Henderson Police Department body camera. The footage revealed a brave 9-year-old boy handing officers a bag of drugs that he had discovered under his mother’s nightstand.

According to the video, the child stumbled upon the illicit substances and immediately locked himself in the bathroom. He then used an iPad to contact his father and inform him of the distressing find. It was a courageous act by a young boy who found himself in a dangerous situation.

The mother, identified as Kendra Long, was subsequently arrested later that night. The child, who displayed remarkable bravery, recounted the discovery, saying, “I just saw a couple of bags, pulled it out, and then that’s when I knew what it was.”

Upon further investigation, law enforcement determined that the bag contained over 100 grams of methamphetamine. Long, however, denied having any knowledge of the drugs, despite officers attempting to comfort her son during the ordeal.

Long’s legal proceedings unfolded across multiple courts, including Henderson Justice Court, Las Vegas Justice Court, and Clark County District Court. Prosecutors presented text messages as evidence, alleging that Long had been actively involved in drug dealing from her residence, even while her son was present.

Following her arrest, Long posted $25,000 bail, as recorded in court documents. However, she later violated a family court order and other specified release conditions, leading to additional charges.

Ultimately, Long was sentenced to probation for her crimes. However, prosecutors reported that she violated the terms of her probation, prompting her placement in an in-patient drug treatment program. The 8 News Now Investigators reached out to Long’s attorney for her perspective on the matter. Regrettably, the attorney abruptly ended the phone call.

In the aftermath of Long’s arrest, the brave young boy was promptly picked up by his father and is now residing with him. It is a small consolation that he is now in a safe and stable environment away from the dangers he unwittingly encountered.

This distressing incident serves as a stark reminder of the prevalence of drug-related issues in our communities and the importance of vigilance in protecting our children. The Henderson Police Department’s quick response and the child’s bravery undoubtedly prevented a potentially tragic outcome..

– 9-year-old child hands Henderson police bag of drugs, mom arrested
– Henderson police arrest mom after 9-year-old child found with bag of drugs.

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