Holly Lynn Graham : “Shocking Cop Shooting: Woman Mows Down with Car”

By | February 13, 2024

1. Horrifying video of cop shooting woman in car
2. Disturbing footage shows woman mowing down cop with car.

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Ohio police Officer Clings to Speeding Vehicle During Wild Chase

In a heart-stopping turn of events, an Ohio police officer found himself clinging to a speeding vehicle after being struck by the driver during a wild police chase on Wednesday. The incident, captured on bodycam footage, unfolded in a dramatic showdown in a parking lot.

The driver, identified as 32-year-old Holly Lynn Graham, led officers on a chaotic pursuit that escalated quickly. Multiple angles of the intense encounter were recorded by the bodycams of several Columbus PD sergeants at the scene. The footage shows a stolen 2015 Toyota Camry attempting to evade police as one officer lays spike strips across the parking lot exit in an attempt to immobilize the SUV. However, Graham suddenly accelerates towards an approaching officer, striking him and sending him flying onto the hood.

In a desperate attempt to stop the vehicle, the officer clings to the windshield and opens fire multiple times as the SUV speeds away. Eventually, he lands on the ground, while his colleagues immediately chase the fleeing driver, shouting commands with their guns drawn.

Graham, undeterred, continues to flee, leaving behind a scene of destruction and a gasping officer. The pursuit continues, with another officer tracking down the parked Camry on a police motorcycle. Graham, visibly injured, is commanded to surrender and is later transported to a local hospital in serious condition.

Meanwhile, the injured officer, a 10-year veteran of the Columbus Division of Police, is also transported to a different hospital and is currently in stable condition.

The occupants of the vehicles that Graham struck during the chase were treated for minor injuries. The incident has left the community in shock and highlights the dangers that law enforcement officers face on a daily basis.

As investigations into the incident continue, authorities are working to piece together the events that led to this shocking turn of events. The bravery and determination displayed by the officer in clinging to the speeding vehicle serve as a reminder of the risks that officers take to protect and serve their communities.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the dangers faced by law enforcement officers and the unpredictable nature of police work. As the community rallies around the injured officer, thoughts and prayers are extended to all those affected by this harrowing ordeal..

1. “Horrifying video shows cop shooting woman as she mows him down with car”
2. “Cop shooting woman as she mows him down with car”.

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