David Atkins : Baton Rouge Shooting: Suspects Arrested in Connection with Fatal Incident (30 characters)

By | February 13, 2024

– Suspects arrested in connection with Baton Rouge shooting
– Baton Rouge weekend shooting suspects arrested.

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Suspect Arrested in Baton Rouge Fatal Shooting: Motive Revealed


Baton Rouge, LA – In a significant development, the Baton Rouge police Department has apprehended a suspect believed to be involved in a fatal shooting that occurred on Washington Avenue over the weekend. The incident has shocked the local community and left many seeking answers.

According to authorities, Travelle Burris, a 19-year-old individual, along with two juveniles, has been arrested in connection with the shooting. The motive behind the incident is believed to be a robbery, shedding light on the potential dangers lurking in the area.

Following the arrest, Burris was swiftly booked into the East Baton Rouge Prison, facing charges of first-degree murder, armed robbery, and illegal use of a weapon. The two juveniles, whose identities have been withheld, were taken into custody and booked into the EBR Juvenile Detention Center, facing the same charges as Burris.

This tragic incident unfolded on February 10, when local police received reports of a shooting in the 2600 block of Washington Avenue. The incident claimed the life of 18-year-old David Atkins, while another individual sustained injuries, according to officials from the EMS.

In a startling twist, it has been revealed that Atkins was one of the juveniles who had escaped from the juvenile detention center back in November 2023. The revelation adds another layer of complexity to the case and raises questions about the circumstances surrounding his involvement in the shooting.

The community is left grappling with the shock and sadness of losing a young life to such violence. As the investigation continues, authorities are determined to uncover the truth and hold those responsible accountable for their actions.

This tragic event serves as a stark reminder of the importance of addressing the root causes of crime and providing support to troubled youth. The Baton Rouge Police Department, along with local organizations, must work hand in hand to create a safer environment for all residents, ensuring that incidents like this become a thing of the past.

As the investigation progresses, we will keep you updated with the latest news and developments surrounding this case. Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available..

1. “Suspects arrested in connection with Baton Rouge shooting”
2. “Baton Rouge weekend shooting suspects apprehended”.

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