61-year-old woman : “Tontitown Massage Parlor Raid Uncovers Network”

By | February 13, 2024

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Investigation Underway After Massage Parlor Raid in Tontitown

The Tontitown police Department is joining forces with other agencies in the region as they delve deeper into an ongoing investigation following a raid at a massage parlor on Henri de Tonti Boulevard. Authorities suspect that there may be additional establishments operating similarly to the one raided on Friday.


Detective Keith Lindley, working with the Tontitown police, revealed that they have discovered direct correspondence between some of the other locations. Through surveillance efforts, they have witnessed individuals, whom they have identified as employees of the establishment, travelling directly from their current location to another.

During the operation on Friday, a 61-year-old woman was apprehended and is now facing charges of promoting prostitution in the second degree. Law enforcement officials anticipate that more arrests will follow.

“We have solidly identified two individuals who we believe are involved in this illicit activity. Our hope is to make contact with them and give them the opportunity to speak with us, so we can ascertain the validity of our suspicions,” stated Lindley.

Authorities involved in the investigation are also considering the possibility of sex trafficking playing a role in this case. Lindley expressed his concern, saying, “Sadly, I do have reason to believe that there’s a possibility of that. It is alarmingly common for sex workers in the United States, not just in Tontitown, Arkansas, to be victims of human trafficking.”

As of now, the woman arrested remains in custody at the Washington County Detention Center, with her bond set at $10,000.

The Tontitown Police Department is committed to continuing their collaboration with other agencies in order to thoroughly investigate this matter and bring justice to those involved. With the ongoing efforts to uncover any additional establishments and identify potential victims, authorities aim to put an end to this unlawful activity and provide support to those affected.


The Tontitown Police Department, alongside other regional agencies, is intensifying their efforts in response to the recent raid at a massage parlor. With the discovery of potential links to other locations and the suspicion of sex trafficking, authorities are determined to uncover the truth and hold those responsible accountable. As the investigation progresses, more arrests are expected, and the police are hopeful that they can gather further evidence to support their case. This collaborative effort highlights the commitment of law enforcement to protect the community and combat illegal activities..

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