37 year old male : Ithaca Police Discover Deceased Person Under Bridge Near Cecil A. Malone Drive

By | February 13, 2024

1. Ithaca police Find Deceased Person Under Bridge Near Cecil A. Malone Drive | Ithaca
2. Ithaca Police Discover dead Body Under Bridge Near Cecil A. Malone Drive | Ithaca.

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Tragic Discovery Made Underneath Ithaca Bridge

On the evening of February 12, a distressing incident unfolded in Ithaca, as members of the community came across a lifeless individual under the Cecil A. Malone Drive bridge near Mary Street. The Ithaca Police Department swiftly responded to the scene, accompanied by emergency medical personnel from the Bangs Ambulance Company and the Ithaca Fire Department.

Upon their arrival, the first responders assessed the situation and unfortunately concluded that the person was already deceased. The Ithaca Police Department, in collaboration with the Tompkins County Medical Examiner’s Office, promptly arrived at the scene to commence their investigation into the incident.

While the deceased has been identified as a 37-year-old male, his name is being withheld at this time to allow for the notification of his next of kin. The body was carefully transported to the Cayuga Medical Center, where it was entrusted to the custody of the Tompkins County Medical Examiner’s Office for a thorough autopsy.

The investigation into this tragic event is currently ongoing, and the authorities have refrained from releasing any further information. However, they are urging anyone who may have witnessed or possesses pertinent details about the incident to come forward and assist with the investigation.

If you have any information that could aid this ongoing investigation, please contact the Ithaca Police Department through any of the following means:

Contact Information:

  • Police Dispatch: 607-272-3245
  • Police Administration: 607-272-9973
  • Police Tipline: 607-330-0000
  • Anonymous Email Tip Address: www.cityofithaca.org/ipdtips

The Ithaca Police Department greatly appreciates any assistance the public can provide in shedding light on this distressing incident. Your cooperation is crucial in ensuring justice for the deceased individual and his grieving loved ones.


1. Ithaca Police Find Deceased Person Under Bridge Near Cecil A. Malone Drive
2. Deceased Person Found Under Bridge Near Cecil A. Malone Drive, Ithaca.

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