Willie A. Jewell : “Arrested: Murder Charge in Athens Shooting – Police Statement”

By | February 12, 2024

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One Fatally Shot and Suspect Arrested in Athens Shooting

A tragic incident unfolded in Athens, Georgia, on Monday morning, resulting in the death of one individual and the subsequent arrest of a suspect. The Athens-Clarke County police Department reported that the shooting occurred at approximately 8:53 a.m. in the 1200 block of Athens Road.

Upon their arrival at the scene, law enforcement officers discovered the lifeless body of 48-year-old Willie Antonio Jewell, who had succumbed to a fatal gunshot wound. The victim’s untimely demise has left the community in shock and mourning.


Suspect Apprehended and Facing Murder Charges

The alleged perpetrator, identified as 26-year-old Cedric Robbie Jones from Athens, was promptly arrested by the police at the scene. He is now facing a murder charge as the investigation continues.

Authorities are working tirelessly to gather further information regarding this distressing incident. They urge anyone with knowledge related to the shooting to come forward and assist in the investigation. Sgt. Scott Black, who is leading the case, can be reached at 762-400-7058 or via email at scott.black@accgov.com.

Remembering Willie Antonio Jewell

Willie Antonio Jewell, the victim of this senseless act of violence, leaves behind a grieving family, friends, and a community in mourning. His life was tragically cut short, robbing him of the opportunity to continue making a positive impact on those around him.

While the investigation into his death continues, it is important to honor Jewell’s memory and the contributions he made during his time with us. Although his life was taken too soon, his legacy will endure through the memories shared by loved ones and the impact he had on those fortunate enough to know him.

Seeking Justice and Closure

As the legal process unfolds, the community will eagerly await justice for Willie Antonio Jewell. The arrest of Cedric Robbie Jones marks an essential step towards achieving closure for those affected by this tragedy.

The Athens-Clarke County Police Department, along with dedicated investigators, will continue their efforts to uncover the truth and ensure that justice is served. It is crucial for anyone with information to come forward and assist in this ongoing investigation.

The loss of Willie Antonio Jewell serves as a solemn reminder of the importance of fostering a safe and peaceful community. Together, we must stand united against violence, striving to prevent such heartbreaking incidents from occurring in the future.


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