Death Investigation Underway in Pulaski County, Kentucky as Woman Found Dead, Johnnie Bullock Arrested for Drug Trafficking

By | October 17, 2023

A death investigation is underway in Pulaski County, Kentucky, after deputies found a woman dead in her home. The woman’s family had not heard from her in over 18 hours. Deputies discovered drugs and cash in the home and arrested a man on drug trafficking and possession charges. The investigation is ongoing.

PULASKI COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) – Pulaski County Sheriff Bobby Jones has announced that a death investigation is currently underway in the area. The incident unfolded when deputies responded to a residence on Shoreline Drive following a welfare check on Sunday.

Upon arrival, law enforcement officers engaged in a conversation with family members of the woman residing at the residence. Concerningly, the family revealed that they had not been in contact with the woman for over 18 hours, prompting the need for immediate action.

While authorities were present at the scene, they reported hearing the presence of a man within the house. However, despite their repeated attempts, the man refused to open the door, leading to a standoff situation. Eventually, the man, later identified as Johnnie Bullock, resorted to communicating with the deputies through a window. Bullock informed the officers that the woman was still breathing but unresponsive.

The situation took a grim turn when law enforcement gained access to the premises. Inside the house, they discovered Bullock lying on top of the woman, who was pronounced dead by the Pulaski County Coroner’s Office. Unfortunately, the identity of the deceased has not been disclosed.

Subsequently, an investigation was launched to determine the cause of death. Preliminary findings suggest that foul play is unlikely, although authorities are continuing their efforts to conclusively establish the circumstances surrounding the unfortunate incident.

During a thorough search of the residence, deputies made a shocking discovery. They uncovered over two pounds of methamphetamine, marijuana, glass smoking pipes, digital scales, more than 50 grams of heroin, Oxycodone, Gabapentin, and numerous baggies. Additionally, officials seized a substantial amount of cash, totaling more than $3,500, from Bullock’s possession.

As a result of these findings, Bullock was promptly apprehended and now faces charges of drug trafficking and drug possession. However, it is important to note that the ongoing death investigation remains the primary focus for law enforcement officials.

The Pulaski County community is now left grappling with the tragic loss of an individual, while law enforcement diligently works to uncover the truth behind this unsettling incident..

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