Don’t Miss Out on the Excitement! Join @OffTheLeashFP for a Special Guest Appearance by Scrappy @ScrappydaDog60

By | September 17, 2023

Scrappy the Dog will be the guest on the OffTheLeashFP show on Saturday 23rd September. The show will start at 9pm UK time and can be followed by searching for the hashtag #OTLFP.

Title: Scrappy the Dog to Be Featured on OffTheLeashFP Show

In a recent announcement, OffTheLeashFP, a popular online show, revealed that their special guest for the upcoming episode on Saturday, September 23rd, will be none other than the adorable Scrappy, also known as @ScrappydaDog60 on Twitter.

The announcement was made by Millie#OneForAllAndAllForMillie (@MillieOTLFP) on Twitter, accompanied by a photo of Scrappy looking charming as ever. Millie encouraged everyone to join in on the fun and tune in to the show at 9pm UK time, 4pm ET, 3pm CT, and 1pm PT.

OffTheLeashFP is known for featuring various beloved pets and animals, and Scrappy is set to steal the hearts of viewers with his irresistible charm. With his wagging tail and playful nature, Scrappy has already gained a significant following on social media.

Fans of the show and animal lovers alike are eagerly anticipating the episode, as they are expected to witness Scrappy’s endearing antics and hear heartwarming stories from his owner. The show provides a platform for pet owners to share their experiences and connect with a wider audience of pet enthusiasts.

To participate and engage with the show, viewers can use the hashtag #OTLFP on social media platforms to join the conversation and follow updates. The OffTheLeashFP team is excited to welcome Scrappy to their virtual studio and is confident that his appearance will bring joy to viewers around the world.

Make sure to mark your calendars and set a reminder for Saturday, September 23rd, to witness Scrappy’s delightful presence on OffTheLeashFP..

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