Breaking: Michael Cargill’s Landmark Lawsuit Against Garland’s Bumpstock Ban Gains Momentum!

By | September 17, 2023

Tim Kennedy, a former mixed martial arts fighter, has teased breaking news regarding the Garland vs Cargill bumpstock lawsuit. He shared a link to support the case and get more information. The details of the news are yet to be revealed.

Breaking News: Tim Kennedy Discusses Garland vs Cargill Bumpstock Lawsuit

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In a recent tweet, Tim Kennedy, a prominent mixed martial artist and former Green Beret, announced that he will be discussing the ongoing lawsuit between Garland and Cargill regarding bumpstocks. Kennedy’s involvement in the case has piqued the interest of many as he is known for his advocacy in legal and political matters.

The lawsuit, which has gained significant attention in recent months, centers around the legality of bumpstocks. Bumpstocks are devices that can be attached to firearms to increase their rate of fire. The sale and possession of bumpstocks were banned in 2019 after the deadly mass shooting in Las Vegas, which involved the use of bumpstocks.

Michael Cargill, a gun rights activist and owner of a firearms store, has been at the forefront of the legal battle, arguing that the ban on bumpstocks infringes upon the Second Amendment rights of gun owners. Cargill’s determination to challenge the ban has garnered support from various gun rights advocates across the country.

The upcoming news, set to be released this week, is expected to shed light on the progress of the lawsuit and potentially reveal new developments. Kennedy’s involvement in the case adds another layer of intrigue, as his reputation as a respected figure in the legal and military community brings attention to the issue.

For more information and to support the case, a link has been provided in the tweet shared by Michael Cargill. Both supporters and opponents of the bumpstock ban eagerly await the breaking news, which could have significant implications for gun rights and the interpretation of the Second Amendment..

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