Congress-INDIA alliance to boycott 10 prominent news anchors, including Aman Chopra and Rubika Liyaquat.

By | September 14, 2023

The Congress-led INDIA alliance plans to boycott ten anchors, according to a report by Newslaundary. The anchors include Aman Chopra, Amish Devgan, Aditi Tyagi, Chitra Tripathi, Rubika Liyaquat, and Gaurav Sawant. The reasons behind the boycott are not mentioned in the tweet.

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In a surprising development, the Congress-led INDIA alliance has announced that they will be boycotting ten prominent news anchors, according to a report from Newslaundry. This move comes as a response to what the alliance perceives as biased and unfair reporting by these anchors.

The list of anchors includes some well-known names in the Indian news industry. Aman Chopra from News 18, Amish Devgan also from News 18, Aditi Tyagi from India Express, Chitra Tripathi from Aaj Tak, Rubika Liyaquat from India 24, and Gaurav Sawant from India, are among those who will be affected by the boycott.

The Congress-led INDIA alliance has accused these anchors of being partial and favoring the ruling party in their coverage. They believe that these journalists have failed to maintain objectivity and have compromised the principles of ethical journalism.

While the exact details of the boycott are yet to be disclosed, it is expected that the alliance will encourage its members and supporters to refrain from participating in television programs hosted by the mentioned anchors.

This decision has sparked a debate about the role of media in Indian politics and the influence it holds over public opinion. Supporters of the anchors argue that this move is an attack on press freedom and an attempt to control the narrative.

It remains to be seen how this boycott will impact the journalists and the news channels they represent, as well as the future of media and politics in the country..

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