Minister Ponmudi to Personally Investigate Land Scam – Chennai HC Judge Anandh Venkatesh #NewsTamil24x7

By | September 14, 2023

Tamil Nadu Minister Ponmudi’s alleged involvement in a land scam case will be investigated by Chief Justice Anand Venkatesh, according to a tweet by News Tamil 24×7. The minister’s response to the allegations is not mentioned in the summary.

In a recent development, Tamil Nadu Minister for Higher Education, K.P. Anbazhagan, has been embroiled in a controversy involving a land acquisition case. The case has gained significant attention due to the involvement of a high-ranking government official.

Anbazhagan is alleged to have been involved in an illegal land acquisition deal, according to Chief Justice Anand Venkatesh. The Chief Justice stated, “I will personally investigate the land acquisition case related to Minister Ponmudi,” during a court hearing.

The minister, Ponmudi, has denied any involvement in the case and expressed his willingness to cooperate with the investigation. He stated, “I will personally appear before the Chief Justice to clarify my position regarding the land acquisition case.”

The Chennai High Court has ordered a thorough investigation into the matter and has asked for all relevant documents and evidence to be submitted. The court has also directed the police to ensure a fair and unbiased investigation.

This development has caused quite a stir in the state, with many questioning the integrity of government officials. The opposition parties have seized the opportunity to criticize the ruling party and demand a thorough investigation into the matter.

The investigation is expected to shed light on the alleged illegal land acquisition and determine the extent of the involvement of the minister. The outcome of this case will have significant implications for the political landscape of Tamil Nadu..

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