“Indiana Boy Vanished 2 Years Ago Finally Found Safe”

By | July 11, 2024

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A young boy from Mooresville, Indiana, USA, who went missing at the tender age of three, has been miraculously found two years later in Bloomington, Indiana. The boy, now identified as Steven Bryan, is five years old and was discovered on Tuesday afternoon (July 9) in the company of his mother, Deborah Bryan, and her boyfriend, Caleb Blevins.

The heart-wrenching story unfolded amid a bitter custody battle between Steven’s parents. The Mooresville Police Department, alongside other agencies, launched an extensive investigation that spanned over two years. Surveillance efforts and the collaboration of various law enforcement bodies eventually led authorities to a home of interest on Fox Hollow Road in Bloomington.

Mooresville Police Chief Kerry Buckner commended the tireless efforts of his team and the invaluable assistance provided by external analysts. The breakthrough in the case came when detectives identified the whereabouts of Steven, his mother, and her boyfriend in Bloomington.

Upon arriving at the residence, law enforcement officials were initially met with silence. However, a subsequent search warrant was granted, and the trio was located inside the house. Deborah Bryan was promptly taken into custody due to an outstanding warrant for interference with custody, while Steven was placed under protective care.

Chief Buckner reassured the public that Steven was in good health, despite the ordeal he had been through. The young boy had been hidden away by his mother as part of the ongoing custody dispute with his father. Deborah Bryan faced additional legal consequences for failing to appear at her custody court case hearings.

The police chief expressed gratitude for the collaborative efforts of the various agencies involved in the case and reiterated the importance of ensuring the safety and well-being of children in such situations. He emphasized that the primary goal was to provide closure and reassurance to concerned parties.

The investigation revealed that the house in Bloomington where Steven had been concealed belonged to a relative of Deborah Bryan. Authorities are now focusing on uncovering any potential accomplices who may have aided in the concealment of the child.

Following Steven’s discovery, the State Police have taken over the investigation in Monroe County. A Silver Alert that had previously been issued for the trio has now been lifted, bringing relief to the community.

Court documents shed light on the timeline of events leading up to Steven’s disappearance and subsequent recovery. Steven’s father had reported him missing in July 2022, prompting a widespread search effort. Details emerged indicating that Deborah Bryan had left the area with Caleb Blevins and her son, leading to the closure of her bank account and deactivation of cell phones.

The heart-wrenching case of Steven Bryan highlights the prevalence of family abductions in the United States, with thousands of children reported missing each day. Child Find of America underscores the alarming statistics surrounding family abductions, emphasizing the need for continued vigilance and support for affected families.

As the community rejoices in Steven’s safe return, authorities remain vigilant in their pursuit of justice and accountability for those involved in his disappearance. The resilience and determination of law enforcement agencies in reuniting Steven with his loved ones serve as a beacon of hope in the face of adversity..

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