Man Arrested and Charged for Threatening People on Social Media

By | June 23, 2024

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**Arrest Made in Response to Online Threat**

In a recent incident in Memphis, Tennessee, the Memphis Police Department swiftly responded to a potential online threat on social media. The threat, which was reported around 7:00 a.m. on June 22, prompted MPD and the Office of Homeland Security to launch an investigation to ensure the safety of the public.

**Identification of Responsible Individual**

During the course of the investigation, authorities were able to identify Derrick White, a 24-year-old male, as the individual responsible for making the threatening remarks online. It was later discovered that White had an active arrest warrant for aggravated assault, adding another layer of concern to the situation.

**Charges Pressed Against Derrick White**

Following the identification of Derrick White, officers took swift action and placed him under arrest. In addition to the initial charges related to the online threats, White is now also facing charges for the commission of an act of terrorism. The quick and decisive actions of the Memphis Police Department have ensured that White is no longer a threat to the community.

**Biography of Derrick White**

Derrick White, a resident of Memphis, Tennessee, has now found himself at the center of a criminal investigation due to his alleged involvement in making public threats on social media. As a 24-year-old individual, White’s actions have raised serious concerns within the community, prompting law enforcement to take immediate action to address the situation.

**Significance of the Arrest**

The arrest of Derrick White serves as a reminder of the importance of monitoring online activities and taking threats seriously. In today’s digital age, social media platforms can be used as tools for spreading harmful messages, and it is crucial for authorities to act swiftly to prevent any potential harm to the public.

**Community Response**

The news of Derrick White’s arrest has sparked conversations within the Memphis community about the impact of online threats and the need for vigilance in reporting suspicious activities. Residents have expressed relief that law enforcement was able to identify and apprehend the individual responsible for the threatening remarks.

**Ongoing Investigation**

As the investigation into Derrick White’s actions continues, authorities are working diligently to gather all necessary evidence to ensure a successful prosecution. The Memphis Police Department is committed to holding individuals accountable for their online behaviour and will take all necessary steps to protect the safety and security of the community.


The arrest of Derrick White in response to online threats highlights the importance of proactive policing and the swift response of law enforcement agencies in addressing potential threats to public safety. As the case progresses, authorities will continue to work towards ensuring that justice is served and that the community remains safe and secure..

– Man threatens harm on social media
– Arrested and charged for threatening people on social media.

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