Geoff Kitchen : “Singapore Safe Haven After Deadly Turbulence”

By | May 22, 2024

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Passengers Experience Terrifying Turbulence

Passengers aboard Singapore Airlines flight SQ321 had a harrowing experience as the aircraft hit “sudden extreme turbulence” over Myanmar. The plane, en route from London to Singapore, was 10 hours into its journey when it suddenly rose and plunged multiple times. The violent shaking and turbulence caused chaos inside the cabin, with passengers being thrown around so violently that they left dents in the ceiling. Oxygen masks dangled from above as food, drinks, and luggage were strewn across the cabin.

Emergency Landing in Bangkok

With more than 200 passengers and crew on board, the Boeing 777-300ER made an emergency landing at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport. Medical staff rushed to the scene, using gurneys to transport the injured to waiting ambulances on the tarmac. Tragically, a 73-year-old British man lost his life in the incident, while dozens of others were treated for injuries. The airport reported that a total of 83 passengers and crew members were hurt during the terrifying ordeal.

Relief Flight to Singapore

After the emergency landing, a relief flight carrying 131 passengers and 12 crew members safely landed at Singapore’s Changi Airport. As relieved relatives greeted the arrivals with hugs, it was evident that everyone on board was still shaken by the traumatic experience. Andrew Davies, a British passenger on the flight, recounted the terrifying moments when the plane suddenly dropped, causing chaos and panic among those on board.

Investigations and Response

Singapore Prime Minister Lawrence Wong expressed his condolences to the family of the deceased passenger and announced that investigators would be sent to Bangkok to probe the incident. The city-state is working closely with Thai authorities to determine the cause of the extreme turbulence. The airline revealed that the majority of passengers on board were Australians, British, and Singaporeans, highlighting the global impact of the frightening incident.

Climate Change and Turbulence

Scientists have long warned about the potential impact of climate change on aviation, particularly in relation to clear air turbulence. A study conducted in 2023 found that the duration and severity of clear air turbulence have been on the rise, with climate change likely playing a significant role in the increase. As incidents of extreme turbulence become more frequent, passengers and airlines alike are urged to remain vigilant and prepared for unexpected challenges during flights..

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