Farid Ahmed : “24-Year-Old Shot Dead in Gazipur Clash: Tragic Incident Sparks Outrage”

By | May 22, 2024

By Trend News Line 2024-05-22 03:19:46.

**Young Man Fatally Shot in Gazipur Clash**

In a tragic turn of events, a young man named Farid Ahmed, aged 24, was fatally shot by a rival group in Gazipur’s Sreepur upazila last night, according to police reports. The incident occurred at Tapibari village in Sreepur around 9:00pm, resulting in Farid’s untimely death.

**Identity of the Deceased**

Farid Ahmed, a resident of Ujilar village in Sreepur, was identified as the victim of the fatal shooting. His sudden demise has shocked the local community and left his family in mourning.

**Police Statement**

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Gazipur Superintendent of Police, Kazi Shafiqul Alam, confirmed the clash between the two rival groups that led to the tragic incident. The altercation, which turned violent, resulted in Farid being shot dead by members of the opposing group.

**Medical Examination**

Upon arrival at the Sreepur Upazila Health Complex, doctors declared Farid Ahmed as “brought dead” to the hospital. The young man had sustained multiple injury marks, and further investigations through an autopsy will determine the exact cause of his death.

**Ongoing Investigation**

Officer-in-Charge of Sreepur Police Station, Akbar Ali Khan, stated that authorities are currently conducting a thorough investigation into the shooting incident. The police are working diligently to gather evidence and apprehend those responsible for Farid’s tragic death.

**Eyewitness Accounts**

According to eyewitnesses and the deceased’s relatives, the clash erupted due to a conflict over establishing supremacy in the village. Allegedly, Shakib and his brothers, Maruf and Mahfuz, along with armed companions, came to confront their cousin Imran. During the confrontation, a gunshot intended for Imran tragically struck Farid, who was standing nearby.

**Fugitives at Large**

Following the fatal shooting, Shakib, Maruf, and Mahfuz went into hiding, evading authorities and fleeing the scene of the crime. The police are actively searching for the suspects to bring them to justice for their involvement in the violent altercation.

**Community Response**

The local community has been left in a state of shock and disbelief following the tragic death of Farid Ahmed. The incident has underscored the need for peace and harmony in the village, urging residents to come together and prevent further acts of violence.

In conclusion, the untimely demise of Farid Ahmed serves as a stark reminder of the consequences of escalating conflicts and violence within communities. The police are urging anyone with information regarding the shooting incident to come forward and assist in the ongoing investigation.

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