Arrest Warrant Sought for Singer Kim Ho-joong over DUI and Hit-and-Run Claims

By | May 22, 2024

By Trend News Line 2024-05-22 03:55:00.

Kim Ho-joong Faces Arrest Warrants Over Hit-and-Run Allegations

In a recent turn of events, trot singer Kim Ho-joong, 33, and executives of his agency are facing arrest warrants over allegations of drunk driving and hit-and-run. The incident took place on May 9 in Apgujeong-dong, Gangnam District, Seoul, where Kim allegedly collided with another vehicle on a two-lane road and fled the scene. He is also suspected of driving under the influence.

The police have applied charges of fleeing the scene after causing injury and dangerous driving causing injury against Kim, as they continue their investigation into the drunk driving allegations. The agency’s CEO is accused of orchestrating a driver swap to cover up the incident, while the head of operations is accused of evidence tampering by removing the memory card from Kim’s vehicle.

Public Outrage Sparks Petitions for Permanent Ban

Amid the growing public outrage against Kim, petitions calling for his permanent ban from the music industry have emerged. Despite this, Kim plans to proceed with his scheduled performances in Seoul on May 23-24. Several petitions demanding his permanent removal from broadcasts have been posted on the KBS viewer petition board, with two already surpassing the required 1,000 signatures for a response from KBS within 30 days.

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One petitioner expressed their anger at Kim’s actions, stating, “I am furious and trembling with anger at the shamelessness of Kim Ho-joong, who is brazenly pushing forward with his performances without any sign of remorse.” Another petitioner highlighted the negative influence Kim’s behaviour has on young people and urged for his prompt expulsion.

Kim’s Controversial Behaviour Draws Criticism

Despite the allegations against him, Kim has decided to proceed with his “World Union Orchestra Super Classic Kim Ho-joong & Primadonna” performances. While his agency stated that he would not receive appearance fees, they opted to go ahead with the shows to avoid penalties for cancellation.

Following a private investigation at the police station, Kim faced criticism for his behaviour. He refused to leave the station after the interrogation, citing the presence of reporters, and only emerged six hours later. His contradictory actions, such as smiling and patting reporters on the arm, drew further backlash from the public.

In a brief apology upon leaving the police station, Kim stated, “What more can a sinner say? I’m sorry.” However, his actions, including arriving in a black car through an underground parking lot to avoid the media, have only added fuel to the fire.

The Future of Kim Ho-joong’s Career Hangs in the Balance

As Kim Ho-joong navigates the aftermath of the hit-and-run allegations, the future of his career remains uncertain. With public petitions calling for his permanent ban from the music industry and mounting criticism over his behaviour, Kim’s actions and decisions in the coming days will undoubtedly shape his reputation and standing in the industry.

As the investigation into the hit-and-run incident continues and public scrutiny intensifies, Kim Ho-joong faces a pivotal moment in his career. The unfolding events surrounding the allegations have captured the attention of the public, sparking debate and discussion about accountability and consequences in the entertainment industry..

– Arrest warrant sought for singer Kim Ho-joong over DUI hit-and-run allegations
– Singer Kim Ho-joong facing arrest warrant for DUI hit-and-run incident.

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