रूडी जी: बिहार में गोली चलाने की धमकी, बंगाल में फेंक दी जाए!

By | May 22, 2024

In a shocking turn of events, Pappu Yadav, a prominent political figure in Bihar, has issued a controversial statement on Twitter that has sparked outrage among the public. In his tweet, Yadav openly threatened violence against the Bihar Police, urging them to take drastic action against a particular individual. The tweet, which has since been deleted, has raised serious concerns about the safety and security of the state.

The tweet, which was posted on May 22, 2024, has since gone viral on social media, with many users condemning Yadav’s inflammatory remarks. In the tweet, Yadav accuses the Bihar Police of incompetence and calls for them to be more ruthless in dealing with criminals. He goes as far as to suggest that if bullets continue to fly, the government and administration should be thrown into the Bay of Bengal. Such reckless and irresponsible statements have no place in a democratic society and have rightfully drawn condemnation from all quarters.

The Bihar Police, for their part, have not taken kindly to Yadav’s threats and have vowed to take action against him. In a statement released shortly after the tweet was posted, the Bihar Police made it clear that they would not tolerate any attempts to incite violence or undermine the rule of law. They have called for Yadav to be immediately arrested and have promised to investigate the matter thoroughly.

Yadav’s tweet has also drawn criticism from other political parties, with many calling for him to retract his statement and apologize for his inflammatory remarks. The ruling party in Bihar has condemned Yadav’s actions, stating that such behavior is not befitting of a public figure and that he should be held accountable for his words.

In the wake of this controversy, it is important to remember the importance of responsible and respectful discourse in public life. While it is natural for individuals to have differing opinions and beliefs, it is imperative that these differences be expressed in a civil and respectful manner. Resorting to threats and violence only serves to undermine the fabric of society and can have serious consequences for the safety and security of all citizens.

As the situation continues to unfold, it is crucial for all stakeholders to act with restraint and uphold the principles of democracy and the rule of law. The Bihar Police must conduct a thorough investigation into Yadav’s tweet and take appropriate action to ensure that such behavior is not repeated. At the same time, political leaders must lead by example and refrain from making statements that incite violence or division among the public.

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In conclusion, the controversy surrounding Pappu Yadav’s tweet serves as a stark reminder of the power of words and the responsibility that comes with being a public figure. It is essential for all individuals to exercise caution and restraint when expressing their views, especially on public platforms like social media. By promoting a culture of respect and understanding, we can ensure a more harmonious and inclusive society for all..


pappuyadavjapl said रूडी जी

आप जाहिलों की तरह क्यों बात कर रहे हैं? गोलियां चलती रहेगी तो देश और बिहार की आप अपनी सरकार एवं प्रशासन को बंगाल की खाड़ी में फेंक दीजिए! हां आप कमज़ोर नहीं हैं, हत्यारा कमज़ोर कैसे होगा?

@bihar_police तत्काल इस व्यक्ति को गिरफ़्तार करे। यह व्यक्ति कह रहा है आत्मरक्षा


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