Singaporean Money Launderers Linked to Terrorists and Drug Lords in Dubai Probe: (Deceased or Victim Name) Identified

By | May 20, 2024

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The Dubai Unlocked Investigation

The Dubai Unlocked project has revealed shocking details about the ownership of properties in Dubai by individuals linked to money laundering, terrorism, and drug trafficking. The investigation, involving journalists from around the world, uncovered a web of illicit activities that spanned across borders and involved high-profile individuals.

Individuals Named in the Leak

Among those named in the leaked records are former Afghan Parliament Speaker Mir Rahman Rahmani and his son Ajmal, who reportedly spent over $15 million on real estate in Dubai. The leak also identified individuals linked to sanctioned terrorist organizations, including Adham Tabaja, Ali al-Banai, and Ali Osseiran, who own properties in Dubai.

Drug Lords and Cryptocurrency Scammers

The investigation also uncovered properties owned by drug lords such as Asadullah Khalid and Sebastian Marset. Additionally, a pair of cryptocurrency scammers linked to the OneCoin fraud case managed to liquidate their Dubai properties despite facing criminal charges in the US.

Money Laundering Accusations

Several individuals accused of money laundering, including Su Jianfeng and Lin Baoying, were found to own properties in Dubai worth millions of dollars. Su Haijin, a convicted money launderer, owned multiple units in a luxury condominium in Dubai.

Response from UAE Officials

Officials from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have refuted the reports, stating that the country is committed to fighting money laundering. The UAE was removed from the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) grey list in February 2024, indicating progress in addressing financial crimes.

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Commitment to Global Financial Integrity

The UAE Embassy in Oslo reiterated the country’s commitment to safeguarding the integrity of the global financial system. Emirati authorities, led by Mr. Hamid Al Zaabi, have been working with international partners to combat illegal finance and enhance anti-money laundering efforts.

Continued Efforts Against Financial Crimes

Despite the challenges highlighted by the Dubai Unlocked investigation, the UAE remains focused on disrupting criminal activities and preventing money laundering. Mr. Al Zaabi’s office has not directly addressed the findings of the project but continues to collaborate with global partners to enhance financial integrity.

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