Nanji Kolhi : “Peasant’s Body Found in Waterway: Mystery Unraveled”

By | May 20, 2024

By Trend News Line 2024-05-20 02:11:45.

Discovery of Body in Irrigation Channel Shocks Residents of Kot Ghulam Mohammad

In a startling turn of events, the body of a peasant was discovered floating in the Puran Shakh irrigation channel near 10-Mile Mori in Kot Ghulam Mohammad taluka. The incident, which occurred on Sunday, has left the local community in shock and disbelief.

Identification of the Deceased

After the body was found, police quickly arrived on the scene and retrieved the body from the water. The deceased was later identified as Nanji Kolhi, the son of Shamji Kolhi. Nanji was a resident of Mumtaz Khoso village in Jhuddo taluka. The tragic news of his death has sent ripples of sorrow throughout the area.

Discovery by Passers-by

The body was initially spotted by passers-by in the early hours of the day. Shocked by the grim discovery, they promptly reported the matter to the local authorities. The swift response of the community members in alerting the police played a crucial role in ensuring that the body was recovered and identified.

Post-Mortem Examination

Following the retrieval of the body, it was taken to the KGM Taluka Hospital for a post-mortem examination. The medical procedure was conducted to determine the exact cause of Nanji Kolhi’s untimely demise. The results of the examination are eagerly awaited by both the authorities and the deceased’s family members.

Community Mourning

The news of Nanji Kolhi’s death has cast a dark shadow over the close-knit community of Mumtaz Khoso village. As residents come to terms with the loss of one of their own, expressions of grief and solidarity are being shared among neighbors and friends. Nanji’s family, in particular, is grappling with the profound sense of loss and sorrow that accompanies such a tragic event.

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Call for Justice

In the wake of this tragic incident, there is a growing demand for justice to be served. The circumstances surrounding Nanji Kolhi’s death remain shrouded in mystery, prompting calls for a thorough investigation to uncover the truth. The local authorities have assured the public that they are committed to bringing those responsible for this heinous act to justice.

As the community mourns the loss of a beloved member, the quest for justice continues. The discovery of Nanji Kolhi’s body in the Puran Shakh irrigation channel has sent shockwaves through Kot Ghulam Mohammad taluka, underscoring the need for swift action and accountability in the face of such senseless tragedy..

Peasant body found in waterway
Peasant body discovered in river.

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