Devon Thomas : “Georgia Target Boosts Security Amid Assault Reports”

By | May 16, 2024

By Trend News Line 2024-05-15 23:43:15.

**Security Tightened at Georgia Target After Assaults on Customers**

police in Georgia have ramped up security at a local Target store in response to multiple reports of assaults on customers. The incidents took place at the Target on Scenic Highway in Snellville, a city located approximately 30 miles from Atlanta. Snellville Police Detective J. Manley confirmed on Wednesday that patrols have been increased, and officers are now more present in the area to respond swiftly to any potential threats in the parking lot.

These security measures come on the heels of three recent incidents involving women who were attacked while shopping at the popular retail giant. USA TODAY has reached out to Target for further comment on the situation.

**Victim Recounts Terrifying Assault Inside Store**

In a disturbing incident in late March, an officer responded to the store following a report of a sexual assault. The victim recounted that a man she did not know approached her in the grocery section, claiming she had something on her skirt. However, the situation quickly escalated when the man proceeded to touch her genitals and then fled the scene after she screamed for help. The victim described the assailant as wearing a camouflage hat, blue shirt, and khaki shorts.

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Body camera footage obtained by WSB-TV showed the moment when the suspect, identified as Devon Thomas, attempted to flee from the officers before being apprehended. Thomas was eventually arrested for obstruction and sexual assault, claiming that the incident was a “misunderstanding.”

**Stalking and Recording Incidents Raise Concerns**

In another troubling incident earlier this month, a woman reported that she was filmed and photographed while trying on a shirt in the fitting room at the same Target store. The victim later discovered Josue Gomez using facial recognition software, leading to his arrest for voyeurism-related charges. Police investigations revealed that Gomez had been following women around the store and recording them without their consent.

Days later, a separate incident occurred where a male suspect was caught recording a woman in a bathroom stall with her son. When confronted, the suspect fled the scene, and an ongoing investigation is currently underway. The suspect remains at large, as reported by Fox 5 Atlanta.

The string of assaults and privacy violations at this Target location has raised concerns among both customers and law enforcement. The increased security measures aim to ensure the safety and well-being of shoppers in the area, as authorities continue to investigate these disturbing incidents..

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