“Meet the 2024 Schmidt Science Fellow: A Tribute to the Deceased”

By | April 24, 2024

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The 2024 Schmidt Science Fellows Announced by Eric and Wendy Schmidt

Eric and Wendy Schmidt have unveiled the latest cohort of Schmidt Science Fellows for 2024. The class comprises 32 exceptional recent PhD graduates from various scientific disciplines worldwide. This prestigious program, supported by Schmidt Sciences, aims to identify and nurture some of the most promising early-career scientists.

A Philanthropic Initiative by Eric and Wendy Schmidt

Schmidt Science Fellows is a philanthropic initiative co-founded in 2018 by Eric Schmidt, former Google CEO, and Wendy Schmidt, President of the Schmidt Family Foundation. The program, now in its seventh year, is delivered in collaboration with the Rhodes Trust and has supported a total of 177 Fellows nominated by 62 institutes globally.

Prestigious Postdoctoral Award for Outstanding Scientists

Considered one of the most prestigious scientific postdoctoral awards globally, Schmidt Science Fellows receive support for one or two years to pursue research in a field different from their PhD concentration. The emphasis is on promoting interdisciplinary research to address global challenges effectively.

Eric Schmidt’s Vision for Interdisciplinary Science

Eric Schmidt emphasized the importance of interdisciplinary science in tackling pressing global issues. He believes that breaking down silos and fostering collaboration among different scientific fields is crucial for finding solutions to challenges in health, environment, technology, and society. The 2024 Fellows are expected to make a significant impact with the program’s support.

Support and Development for Future Science Leaders

In addition to a generous stipend of $110,000 per year, Schmidt Science Fellows receive individualized mentoring and participate in a Science Leadership Program. This program helps them develop the skills, experience, and networks needed to become successful interdisciplinary science leaders in the future.

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Diversity and Global Reach of the 2024 Cohort

The 2024 cohort of Schmidt Science Fellows represents 17 nationalities and comes from 26 leading institutions across North America, Europe, and Asia. This year, four institutions had Fellows selected for the first time, showcasing the program’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity in science.

Varied Areas of Study and Research

The 2024 Fellows will be exploring a wide range of topics, including biology, neurosciences, engineering, cancer diagnosis and treatment, artificial intelligence, earth sciences, and climate change. Each Fellow has a unique research focus, from studying mosquito-borne diseases to investigating cancer metastasis and developing innovative environmental monitoring solutions.

A Focus on High-Impact Scientific Exploration

Schmidt Sciences aims to accelerate scientific exploration and develop solutions for real-world challenges that benefit society. The initiative focuses on under-supported or unconventional areas of research with the potential for high impact in AI & Advanced Computing, Astrophysics and Space, Biosciences, Climate, and Cross-Science. Wendy Schmidt highlighted the importance of exploring new ideas and solutions at the edges of disciplines to address humanity’s most pressing challenges.

In conclusion, the 2024 cohort of Schmidt Science Fellows represents a diverse and talented group of early-career scientists who are poised to make significant contributions to their respective fields and society as a whole. The program’s emphasis on interdisciplinary research and leadership development sets the stage for innovative solutions to global challenges..

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