Arrest Made in Miami Beach: Woman’s Body Found at Miami City Ballet

By | April 24, 2024

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The Shocking Murder of Andrea Dos Passos

In a horrifying turn of events, the body of 37-year-old Andrea Dos Passos was discovered early Tuesday morning in front of the Miami City Ballet on Miami Beach. Dos Passos, a trans woman who was experiencing homelessness, had been brutally beaten to death, with massive trauma to her face and head.

Arrest Made in Connection to the Murder

Gregory Gibert, 53, has been arrested and charged with second degree murder in connection to Dos Passos’ death. The arrest came after a security guard found Dos Passos unresponsive near the ballet entrance and called 911 upon noticing the blood around her.

Surveillance Footage Reveals Chilling Details

Surveillance video from the ballet showed Dos Passos arriving near midnight and lying down near the entrance. In the early hours of the morning, a man dressed in a black shirt, red shorts, and red shoes approached her. The man picked up a metal pipe, struck Dos Passos multiple times in the head and face, and then placed the pipe in a nearby trashcan.

Evidence Leads to Arrest

police identified Gibert as a person of interest and located him wearing the same unique basketball shoes seen in the surveillance video. Blood was found on his clothing, including the red shorts matching those in the video. Gibert was taken into custody and charged with Dos Passos’ murder.

A Tragic Loss for the Community

Dos Passos’ death has sent shockwaves through the Miami Beach community. She was known to many in the area and her tragic murder has left friends and acquaintances devastated. The brutality of the attack has raised concerns about safety and security in the neighborhood.

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Remembering Andrea Dos Passos

Andrea Dos Passos was more than just a victim of a senseless crime. She was a human being with a story, a life, and a community that cared for her. Her untimely death serves as a stark reminder of the dangers faced by vulnerable populations, such as those experiencing homelessness.

Justice for Dos Passos

As the investigation into Dos Passos’ murder continues, the community is calling for justice to be served. Gregory Gibert’s arrest is a step towards holding the perpetrator accountable for his heinous actions. The memory of Dos Passos will live on, as the community comes together to mourn her loss and demand justice.

John MacLauchlan, a reporter for CBS News Miami, reported on this tragic incident, shedding light on the details surrounding Dos Passos’ murder. His coverage of the case has brought attention to the need for justice and safety in the Miami Beach area.

This chilling story serves as a reminder of the vulnerability of marginalized communities and the importance of standing up against violence and injustice. As the community mourns the loss of Andrea Dos Passos, they also unite in their demand for a safer and more inclusive society..

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