Hospital patient steals ambulance, crashes in police chase, leaving personnel injured

By | April 18, 2024

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**Patient Steals Ambulance and Leads police on Chase**

In a bizarre and dangerous turn of events, a patient at a Georgia hospital managed to steal an ambulance and lead police on a wild chase before crashing into a light pole. The incident, which took place in Clayton County, left authorities stunned by the suspect’s reckless and dangerous actions.

**The Suspect: Ladarius Williams**

The suspect behind this daring escapade has been identified as Ladarius Williams. Williams, who was being treated at Piedmont Henry Hospital in Stockbridge, made a bold move by stealing a private Amerimed ambulance from the hospital premises. Little did he know that his actions would set off a chain of events that would put many lives in danger.

**The Ambulance Theft**

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According to the Clayton County Sheriff’s Office, Williams not only managed to steal the ambulance but also drove away with ambulance personnel still in the back of the vehicle. The situation quickly escalated as the personnel, fearing for their lives, had to jump from the moving ambulance to ensure their safety.

**The Chase and Crash**

Williams, showing no regard for human life or property, drove the stolen ambulance from Henry County into Clayton County. During the chase, he used the ambulance as a weapon, hitting multiple police cars and causing significant property damage. Both the Clayton County Police Department and Georgia State Patrol were forced to intervene to stop the suspect.

**The Dramatic Conclusion**

The chase came to a dramatic conclusion when Williams crashed the stolen ambulance into a light pole on Tara Boulevard near Dixon Road. Despite authorities’ efforts to stop him by taking out the ambulance’s tires with spike strips and stop sticks, Williams continued to drive. It was only through the use of a PIT maneuver that law enforcement was finally able to bring the dangerous pursuit to an end.

**Arrest and Custody**

After crashing the ambulance, Williams attempted to flee on foot. However, he was quickly apprehended by law enforcement officers and stunned with a Taser before being taken into custody. The entire incident left the community shaken and grateful that no serious injuries occurred as a result of Williams’ reckless actions.

In a shocking turn of events, what started as a routine hospital visit turned into a high-speed chase and a dramatic crash. The actions of Ladarius Williams not only put his own life in danger but also endangered the lives of ambulance personnel, law enforcement officers, and innocent bystanders. Thankfully, due to the quick and decisive actions of the authorities involved, the situation was brought under control before any serious harm could occur..

hospital patient steals ambulance personnel inside crashes police chase
ambulance personnel inside crashes police chase.

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