Body of Missing Woman Found in Water: Son-In-Law Suspected in Murder

By | April 18, 2024

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**Identity Confirmed: Missing California Woman’s Body Found in Oakland Estuary**

In a heartbreaking revelation, medical examiners have officially confirmed the identity of a body found in an Oakland estuary last year. The deceased has been identified as Que Tran, a missing California woman whose son-in-law is suspected of killing her and her daughter, Tho Ly. The devastating news was announced by the police in San Pablo, California, on Tuesday.

**Mysterious Disappearance**

Que Tran, 74, and her daughter Tho Ly, 40, were reported missing on September 13 by Phuc Vo, 40, who is also Tran’s son-in-law. Vo informed the authorities that the women had left their Bay Area home following a family argument and were en route to Southern California. However, detectives soon discovered inconsistencies in Vo’s statements during the investigation. One glaring inconsistency was his claim that Ly had left home in her car on the day of their disappearance, when surveillance footage actually showed Vo driving Ly’s missing car.

**Arrest and Charges**

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Phuc Vo was arrested in February, and the Contra Costa County district attorney’s office charged him with two counts of murder, with a special circumstance enhancement. Detectives alleged that Vo had direct involvement in the disappearance and murders of Que Tran and Tho Ly. The case has sent shockwaves through the community, leaving many residents reeling from the tragic events.

**Neighbours’ Accounts**

Jazmin Rosillo, a neighbour of the victims, spoke to KTVU-TV in March about her interactions with the family. She recalled seeing Que Tran and Tho Ly often tending to their garden and expressed her concern when they suddenly vanished. Rosillo mentioned that the couple had a young daughter and son, with the boy revealing to her that his mother was missing and that his parents had been fighting. Investigators initially speculated that an argument over money may have been the cause of the women’s disappearance.

**Heartbreaking Discovery**

Que Tran’s body was found in the Oakland estuary in late September, but it wasn’t until March that DNA evidence confirmed her identity. Tragically, Tho Ly’s remains are still missing, leaving loved ones and authorities desperate for closure. The community has been left in shock by the series of events that have unfolded, with many struggling to come to terms with the loss of two beloved members.

**Final Thoughts**

The confirmation of Que Tran’s identity has brought a sense of closure to her loved ones, but the search for answers continues. As the investigation into the disappearance of Tho Ly intensifies, the community remains united in their quest for justice. The tragic events that have transpired serve as a stark reminder of the fragility of life and the importance of cherishing every moment with those we hold dear..

1. Body found in water identified missing woman allegedly killed son-in-law
2. Body found water identified missing woman allegedly killed son-in-law.

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