“Notus Train Crash Victims Identified: Nampa Family Killed”

By | April 16, 2024

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Tragic Train Collision Claims Lives of Nampa Family

In a heartbreaking turn of events, a family from Nampa met with a tragic end on Saturday, April 13, when their vehicle collided with a train near Notus. The Canyon County Coroner has identified the victims as 38-year-old Benjamin Maupin, his wife 35-year-old Kapri Maupin, and their two children, 17-year-old Kayden Maupin and 11-year-old Ryder Maupin.

Details of the Collision

According to Idaho State police, the Maupin family was travelling in a Chevrolet Silverado on a private road that intersected with a railroad crossing in Canyon County. Tragically, the driver, Benjamin Maupin, failed to yield, resulting in their vehicle being struck by an oncoming train. The impact proved fatal, with all four family members losing their lives at the scene of the crash.

The incident occurred around 8:20 a.m. near US-20 at milepost 17, leaving the community in shock and mourning the untimely loss of the Maupin family. Canyon County Coroner, Jennifer Crawford, emphasized the importance of adhering to traffic regulations and exercising caution when navigating railway crossings.

A Community in Mourning

The Maupin family was well-known in the region for owning the Mint Barrel Barn Event Center, a popular wedding venue in Canyon County. Their dedication and hard work had transformed the barn into a cherished location for special events. A statement from an employee of the venue expressed deep sadness at the loss of the Maupin family, highlighting their impact on the community and pledging to continue operations in their honour.

Investigation and Support

The crash is currently under investigation by Idaho State Police, with authorities working to determine the circumstances that led to this tragic incident. The coroner has assured that additional details will be released as they become available, as the community grapples with the shock and grief of losing four beloved members.

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As the region mourns the loss of the Maupin family, the community has come together to support each other through this difficult time. The memories of Benjamin, Kapri, Kayden, and Ryder Maupin will forever live on in the hearts of those who knew and loved them..

– Coroner identifies Nampa family killed in train crash
– Coroner identifies Nampa family killed near Notus.

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