Ranses Vacramontes Vargas : “Raleigh Police Shoot Man Ignoring Commands”

By | April 12, 2024

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Shocking police Body Camera Footage Reveals Details of Rock Quarry Road Shooting

In a recent development, police body camera footage released on Friday shed light on a disturbing incident that took place on Rock Quarry Road back in February. The footage captured the moments leading up to a police officer firing 18 rounds at a man, identified as Ranses Vacramontes Vargas, after he ignored repeated commands to drop a gun and put his hands above his head.

Initial Response to 911 Call

The incident unfolded when Officer M.L. Berg and another officer, B.W. Keaton, responded to a 911 call reporting gunshots in the area of Vardaman and Hightower streets, near the 800 block of Rock Quarry Road. Despite not finding any evidence of shooting activity initially, Berg proceeded to a parking lot on Rock Quarry Road where he encountered Vargas.

Intense Moments Captured on Camera

As the body camera footage begins, multiple gunshots can be heard coming from the other side of the parking lot, prompting Berg to take cover behind a parked car. He then spots Vargas walking away from him with his back turned, holding what appears to be a gun. Berg repeatedly instructs Vargas to drop the weapon, but Vargas continues to ignore the commands.

Use of Force and Aftermath

When Vargas reaches a parked red pickup truck, he runs behind it, prompting Berg to fire several shots in his direction. In total, Berg fired 18 shots before retreating to take cover behind another parked car and reloading his gun. Eventually, Vargas is handcuffed and taken into custody, while a woman in the vicinity claims that Berg shot her boyfriend.

Additional Details and Recovery Efforts

Upon closer inspection, a handgun is found near Vargas, along with an additional magazine and rounds of ammunition. Police officers administer first aid to both Vargas and another individual, Alejandro Hernandez-Herrera, who was sitting in the red truck. Further investigation reveals that two women, Mirna Alvarez Robles and Esther Ramirez Torres, were allegedly shot by Vargas during the incident.

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Continued Investigations and Accountability

The release of the body camera footage has sparked discussions about police conduct and use of force in such situations. Authorities are continuing their investigations into the incident to determine the full extent of what transpired on that fateful night on Rock Quarry Road. As the community grapples with the aftermath of the shooting, questions about accountability and transparency remain at the forefront of public discourse..

– Body camera footage man shot Raleigh police ignored commands drop gun
– Body camera footage Raleigh police shooting man ignored drop gun commands.

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