Geoffrey Warbrook : “American Seeks Passports for Dead Irish Babies: Shocking Revelation”

By | April 12, 2024

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**Who is Randolph Kirk Parker?**

Randolph Kirk Parker, aged 73, found himself in hot water before Cork Circuit Criminal Court after admitting charges of supplying false information in an attempt to secure an Irish passport. Det Garda Padraig Hanley of the Garda National Bureau of Criminal Investigation (GNBCI) shed light on Parker’s dubious activities that first came to authorities’ attention in 2017.

**The Passport Scam Unraveled**

In 2022, Parker, operating from Amsterdam, Netherlands, made a bold move to renew an Irish passport under the name of Geoffrey Warbrook. Little did he know that this innocent-sounding name belonged to a deceased infant in Ireland from 1953. Parker’s true identity began to unravel when he showed up at the Cork Passport Office in person, seeking to renew a passport in the name of Philip Frank Morris. This raised red flags for authorities, leading to his arrest on September 14th.

**A Web of Deceit**

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Detective Garda Hanley revealed that Parker had applied for not just one, but four passports using false identities. Two applications were made in the name of Philip Morris and two in the name of Geoffrey Warbrook. It was a tangled web of deceit that Parker had spun, as both Morris and Warbrook were names of infants who had passed away in the early 1950s.

**International Cooperation**

To unravel Parker’s true identity, Gardaí had to enlist the help of international agencies, including Interpol and the FBI. Parker, a US national born on March 7, 1951, had an arrest record dating back to 1970 in Michigan. Despite holding an Irish passport for over three decades, he had only recently obtained a PPS number, adding another layer of mystery to his background.

**The Courtroom Drama**

Facing charges of using false information to obtain passports and possession of a false instrument, Parker pleaded guilty before Cork District Court. The case was subsequently referred to Cork Circuit Criminal Court for sentencing. Despite his refusal to cooperate during interviews, Parker’s demeanor remained affable and polite, leaving authorities baffled by the enigmatic pensioner.

**The Sentencing Saga**

As the sentencing of Randolph Kirk Parker was adjourned to April 22nd, his defence barrister highlighted his client’s cooperative nature and signed plea of guilt as factors warranting a reduced sentence. Parker’s time in custody, since his arrest in September, was described as challenging, given his lack of familial connections in the jurisdiction.

**The Final Verdict**

Judge Jonathan Dunphy remanded Parker in continuing custody, awaiting his sentencing date. With a history of business activities in Europe and encounters with individuals well-versed in the Irish passport system, Parker’s case sheds light on the lengths some will go to obtain false identities for personal gain.

In a tale of deception and intrigue, Randolph Kirk Parker’s true motives and identity remain shrouded in mystery, leaving the court and authorities to piece together the puzzle of his elaborate passport scam..

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