Erica Fernandez : “Nun Suitcase Body: Sister Found in Wheels”

By | April 12, 2024

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Chilean Woman Discovered Wheeling Suitcase with Friend’s Decomposing Body

In a bizarre and macabre incident in Santiago, Chile, an 80-year-old woman dressed as a nun was caught on surveillance video wheeling a giant suitcase through the streets. The contents of the suitcase? The decomposing corpse of her 58-year-old friend, Erica Fernandez. The shocking discovery was made by a trash collector in a wealthy area of the city, sparking a criminal investigation into the strange case.

Unusual Pact Between “Nun” and Deceased Friend

The elderly woman, identified as Lorenza Ramirez, was seen on CCTV footage leaving the suitcase with Fernandez’s body on the street. Ramirez, described as a “consecrated laywoman,” claimed that she and Fernandez had made a pact to take care of each other after death. The two women, who were not part of a formal monastic order, lived together with one of Ramirez’s daughters and wore blue habits as a sign of their devotion.

Keeping the Body Hidden for a Year

Fernandez had passed away from natural causes a year prior to the discovery, but Ramirez had kept her body stored in the suitcase in a cellar out of love for her friend. The women had agreed not to report each other’s deaths to the authorities, leading to the unusual and disturbing situation that unfolded in Santiago.

Concerns About Discovery by Ramirez’s Daughter

Authorities believe that Ramirez dumped Fernandez’s body in the street out of fear that her daughter, who had returned from Italy to care for her, would stumble upon the gruesome find at their home. police and prosecutors are still investigating the case, with the main focus on understanding Ramirez’s actions and motivations.

Autopsy Results and Potential Charges

An autopsy on Fernandez’s body revealed no signs of foul play, with prosecutors stating that her death appeared to be natural. However, Ramirez could face charges for violating the health code by concealing human remains. The investigation continues as authorities delve deeper into the strange circumstances surrounding the case.

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This shocking incident has left the community in Santiago reeling, with many questioning the motivations and mental state of Ramirez. The pact between the two women and the decision to keep Fernandez’s body hidden for a year have raised eyebrows and sparked discussions about morality and friendship. As the investigation unfolds, more details are likely to emerge, shedding light on a truly bizarre and unsettling chapter in the streets of the Chilean capital..

“nun wheels suitcase containing body of fellow sister”
“nun wheels suitcase with body of fellow sister”.

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