Deepak Kumar Gupta : “Delhi Police Arrests 5 for Extorting ₹70,000 | Latest News”

By | April 12, 2024

By Trend News Line 2024-04-12 13:25:14.

The Delhi police Busts Extortion Ring

In a recent development, the Delhi police have apprehended five individuals from Bhopal for their involvement in an extortion racket. The accused, identified as Vishwajeet Giri, Sudhir Pal, Ravi Kushwah, Kunji Lal Ahirvar, and Maya Singh, were taken into custody following a complaint lodged by Deepak Kumar Gupta.

A Deceptive Scheme Uncovered

The modus operandi of the criminals involved posing as police officers and contacting unsuspecting victims. Gupta received a call from one of the fraudsters claiming to have his son and demanding a ransom of ₹70,000 for his release. The caller went to great lengths to deceive Gupta by allowing another person to speak on the phone, mimicking his son’s voice.

Swift Police Action

Upon transferring the requested amount to the provided bank account, Gupta realized that he had been duped and promptly reported the incident to the authorities. The Delhi police swiftly launched an investigation, tracing the money trail to Bhopal where the culprits were operating from.

Uncovering the Network

During the interrogation, one of the accused, Vishwajeet Giri, confessed to facilitating the transfer of ill-gotten funds by setting up bank accounts in Bhopal. He preyed on vulnerable individuals by offering them money in exchange for their personal documents to open these accounts. The police seized a significant amount of evidence from the perpetrators, including multiple mobile phones, SIM cards, debit cards, and bank documents.

Continued Efforts

Efforts are underway to apprehend the mastermind behind this elaborate extortion scheme. The authorities are determined to dismantle the entire network and bring all those involved to justice.

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Preventing Future Scams

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the prevalence of fraudulent activities in society. It is crucial for individuals to remain vigilant and cautious when receiving unsolicited calls or messages requesting money or personal information. By staying informed and reporting suspicious activities to the authorities, we can collectively combat such criminal enterprises and safeguard our communities..

Delhi police arrests persons for extorting by posing as cops
Delhi police arrests five persons for extorting by posing as cops.

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