Bhagyashree : “Engineering Student Commits Premeditated Murder”

By | April 12, 2024

By Trend News Line 2024-04-12 18:24:11.

**Ahmednagar police Uncover Gruesome Details in Engineering Student Murder**

In a chilling turn of events, the Ahmednagar police in Maharashtra have uncovered shocking details in the murder of a 22-year-old engineering student by her college mate, sending shock waves across the city. The police investigation revealed that the deceased’s college mate, along with two accomplices, dug a pit at a secluded place in the city before abducting the woman and burying her body in the pit after she was killed. The motive behind the murder is suspected to be extortion of money, but the police are conducting further investigations to ascertain the truth. The police have recovered the car used in the crime, along with the body remains of the deceased.

**Accused and Accomplices Identified**

The police have identified the accused as Shivam Fulawale (21) and his two accomplices, Suresh Shivaji Indure (23) and Sagar Ramesh Jadhav (23). According to the police, the deceased, identified as Bhagyashree, was an engineering student pursuing Computer Science at Pune’s GH Raisoni College. She was kidnapped on March 30 and killed on the same day by the three accused in a rented car.

**Gruesome Details of the Crime**

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After killing the girl, the trio took her body to a secluded spot at Kamargaon village in Ahmednagar district, where they had already dug a pit. The accused burnt the body of the student with petrol before burying her remains in the ground. A senior police official stated, “During the investigation, we found that the accused dug up the pit at the secluded place in Ahmednagar a day prior to committing the crime, suggesting that this was a premeditated act.”

**Car Rental and Ransom Message**

The suspects used a car rented from a car-sharing platform and drove to Ahmednagar themselves. They gagged Bhagyashree to death in the car and then returned the vehicle to the service provider after committing the crime. Earlier in the investigation, Bhagyashree’s mother received a ransom message on April 2 from her daughter’s cell phone number. The message informed the family that Bhagyashree had been kidnapped and sent abroad, even though she had been killed the same day.

**Ongoing Investigation**

The ransom message demanded Rs 9 lakhs to be transferred into Bhagyashree’s bank account for her release, threatening to throw pieces of her body at their native village in Latur district if the police were informed. Further investigation into the matter is currently underway as the police work to uncover all the details surrounding this tragic incident.

Stay tuned for more updates as the investigation continues to unfold in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra..

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