Luis Rubiales : “Spanish Police Detain Rubiales in Corruption Probe”

By | April 3, 2024

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Detention of Former Spanish Soccer Federation President

Former Spanish soccer federation president Luis Rubiales was detained by Spanish police upon his return to the country from the Dominican Republic. The Civil Guard confirmed that Rubiales is currently being questioned at Madrid’s airport and will either be handed over to a judge or released within 72 hours.

Corruption Probe and Super Cup Deal

Rubiales’ detention is part of an ongoing corruption and money laundering investigation related to a business deal involving the Spanish Super Cup being held in Saudi Arabia. Two weeks ago, police raided a property owned by Rubiales in Granada and the offices of the Spanish Football Federation in Madrid. Seven individuals were detained, with Rubiales being one of five additional individuals under investigation.

Resignation and Scandal

Rubiales resigned as president of the federation in September after a scandal involving Spain player Jenni Hermoso at the Women’s World Cup final. He is facing trial for allegedly sexually assaulting Hermoso, a charge he has denied. Rubiales was forced to cut short his stay abroad by three days, returning earlier than expected.

Spanish Super Cup in Saudi Arabia

During his tenure as president, Rubiales revamped the format of the Spanish Super Cup in 2020, turning it into a four-team tournament and moving it to Saudi Arabia. The deal was reportedly worth 40 million euros per tournament for the federation. Prosecutors began investigating the deal in 2022 after leaked audio conversations between Rubiales and then-Barcelona player Gerard Piqué revealed details about commissions.

Denial of Allegations

In a preview of a recorded interview with a Spanish television channel, Rubiales denied the allegations against him, calling them false claims by the media. He asserted that the money in his bank account is a result of his work and savings, refuting any wrongdoing in the ongoing investigation.

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Probe and Media Coverage

The investigation into Rubiales and the Super Cup deal has garnered significant media attention in Spain. The Civil Guard and judicial authorities are closely examining the case to determine the extent of corruption and money laundering involved. Rubiales’ return to Spain has reignited interest in the probe and raised questions about the future of Spanish soccer governance.


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1. Spanish police detain ex-soccer federation head Rubiales on return to country amid corruption probe
2. Spanish police detain ex-soccer federation head Rubiales on return to country amid corruption probe.

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