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By | April 3, 2024

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Rubiales Detained Upon Return to Spain

Former president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation, Luis Rubiales, was detained by police upon his return to Spain from the Dominican Republic. The Civil Guard confirmed that Rubiales was questioned at Madrid’s airport before being released. This arrest is part of an ongoing corruption probe related to a business deal involving the Spanish Super Cup.

Investigation Into Corruption and Money Laundering

Rubiales was in the Dominican Republic when police raided his property in Granada and the offices of the Spanish Football Federation in Madrid. The investigation, which includes the Super Cup among other deals, led to the detention of seven individuals, with Rubiales being identified as one of five additional suspects.

Resignation and Controversy

Rubiales resigned as president of the federation in September following a scandal involving an incident with player Jenni Hermoso at the Women’s World Cup. He is facing trial for allegedly sexually assaulting Hermoso, a charge he denies. Despite the controversy, Rubiales remains adamant about his innocence.

Spanish Super Cup Deal

During his tenure as president, Rubiales revamped the format of the Spanish Super Cup in 2020, shifting the competition to Saudi Arabia in a lucrative deal worth millions of euros. This move sparked scrutiny from prosecutors, who launched a probe into the deal after leaked audio involving Rubiales and former Barcelona player Gerard Pique surfaced.

Denial of Allegations

In a preview of an interview with Spanish television, Rubiales refuted the allegations made against him in the media. He maintained that the money in his bank account is a result of his hard work and savings, dismissing any claims of impropriety.

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Continuing Legal Battles

Despite his release, Rubiales faces ongoing legal battles as investigations into corruption and money laundering persist. The former football executive’s reputation has been tarnished by the allegations against him, adding further complexity to his already tumultuous career.


As Luis Rubiales navigates the legal challenges ahead, the football world watches with bated breath to see how the saga unfolds. The once-respected figure now finds himself embroiled in controversy, grappling with accusations that threaten to overshadow his contributions to the sport. Only time will tell what the future holds for the embattled former president..

1. Spanish police detain ex-football chief Luis Rubiales corruption probe
2. Spanish police detain ex-football chief Luis Rubiales amid corruption probe Football News.

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