Luis Rubiales : “Ex-Soccer Federation Head Luis Rubiales Returns Amid Corruption Probe”

By | April 3, 2024

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Luis Rubiales, Former Spanish Soccer Federation Head, Returning to Spain Amid Corruption Probe

Luis Rubiales, the former president of the Spanish soccer federation, is making his way back to Spain from the Dominican Republic as he faces a judicial investigation into a controversial business deal involving the Spanish Super Cup being held in Saudi Arabia. The disgraced football official is expected to arrive at Madrid’s airport on Wednesday, where a throng of journalists eagerly await his arrival.

Investigation and Controversy

Rubiales was in the Dominican Republic when authorities raided his property in Granada and the offices of the Spanish Football Federation in Madrid as part of a wide-ranging corruption and money laundering probe. The investigation, which includes the Super Cup deal among other transactions, led to the detention of seven individuals by the police. Rubiales himself has been identified as one of five additional persons under scrutiny in the case.

Resignation and Scandal

Rubiales resigned from his position in September following a scandal that rocked the international football community. The controversy stemmed from an incident at the Women’s World Cup final, where Rubiales was accused of kissing Spain player Jenni Hermoso without her consent. The former football official is now facing trial for the alleged assault on Hermoso, although he maintains his innocence and denies any wrongdoing.

Return to Spain

Despite the ongoing legal challenges and public scrutiny, Rubiales is making his way back to Spain to address the allegations against him. The return of the former Spanish soccer federation head has sparked interest and speculation among the media and the public, as they await his arrival and potential statements regarding the corruption probe.

Media Frenzy

As Rubiales prepares to land in Madrid, a significant number of journalists have gathered outside the airport’s baggage claim area, eager to capture his return on camera and get his response to the unfolding scandal. The presence of the press underscores the high-profile nature of the corruption investigation and its implications for the Spanish football community.

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Legal Battle and Future

With the judicial probe into the Super Cup deal and other transactions ongoing, Rubiales faces a challenging legal battle ahead. The outcome of the investigation could have far-reaching consequences for his reputation and future involvement in the world of football. As the former president of the Spanish soccer federation, Rubiales’ return to Spain marks a pivotal moment in his career and personal life.

Denial and Defiance

Throughout the scandal and subsequent legal proceedings, Rubiales has maintained his innocence and steadfastly denied any wrongdoing. His return to Spain amidst the corruption probe signals his determination to confront the allegations head-on and defend his reputation in the face of mounting scrutiny.

As Luis Rubiales lands in Madrid and faces the media frenzy awaiting him, the former Spanish soccer federation head finds himself at a crossroads, where his actions and statements in the coming days may shape the trajectory of his future in the world of football.


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