Kirby : Press Gaggle: White House Advisor Kirby on National Security

By | April 3, 2024

By Trend News Line 2024-04-03 19:19:08.

An unexpected delay in the press briefing led to a history lesson from Kirby, the spokesperson, before addressing the important updates. Kirby began by recognizing the 15th anniversary of Croatia and Albania as NATO Allies, highlighting their commitment to European security and peace. He also mentioned the partial overturning of the Anti-Homosexuality Act in Uganda, expressing concerns over the remaining provisions that undermine human rights.

Moving on to questions, the first one came from Steve of Reuters, who asked about the recent strike on the World Central Kitchen convoy. Kirby deferred to Israeli authorities for information on the incident, emphasizing the ongoing investigation and the need for transparency. He confirmed that the U.S. does not plan to conduct a separate investigation and mentioned that Jake Sullivan’s trip to Saudi Arabia has been postponed due to a cracked rib.

Aamer from the AP inquired about President Biden’s statement regarding Israel’s protection of aid workers and possible consequences. Kirby reiterated the importance of the investigation’s findings before speculating on any actions. He stressed the need for Israel to prevent civilian casualties and engage in more precise and targeted operations.

JJ from Bloomberg asked about Nippon Steel and the upcoming visit of the Japanese prime minister to the White House. Kirby declined to provide details on the discussions, stating that economic, security, and bilateral cooperation topics would be on the agenda. He emphasized the importance of the visit and the wide range of issues to be addressed.

Overall, the briefing covered a range of topics, from international relations to human rights concerns, with Kirby providing insights and updates in a professional manner. The delay at the beginning did not detract from the informative nature of the briefing, which offered valuable insights into current events and diplomatic relations..

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