Joshua Johnston Hayes : “Deadly Huffman Shooting: Man ID’d, Woman in Custody”

By | April 3, 2024

By Trend News Line 2024-04-03 17:05:00.

**Woman in Custody After Fatal Shooting in Huffman Neighborhood**

In a tragic turn of events, a domestic dispute in a Huffman neighborhood has left a man dead and a woman in custody. The incident took place on Tuesday morning in the 900 block of Navarro Lane, where police received a call just before 11 a.m. reporting a shooting.

**Victim Identified as Joshua Johnston Hayes**

The victim of the fatal shooting has been identified as 27-year-old Joshua Johnston Hayes. Irondale officers were the first to arrive at the scene and found Hayes dead from a gunshot wound. It is believed that the shooting occurred during a domestic dispute between Hayes and a woman with whom he was in a romantic relationship.

**Suspect in Custody for Questioning**

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Following the shooting, the woman involved in the incident was taken into custody and transported to Birmingham Police headquarters for questioning. She is currently being held on a 48-hour felony extension for murder. The investigation is still ongoing, and more details are expected to emerge as the case progresses.

**Community in Shock After Tragic Incident**

The Huffman neighborhood where the shooting took place is reeling from the tragic incident. Residents are shocked by the violence that occurred in their community and are coming together to support one another during this difficult time. The community is urged to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity to the authorities.

**Police Appeal for Information**

Authorities are appealing to anyone who may have information about the shooting to come forward and assist with the investigation. Any details,, no matter how small they may seem, could be crucial in helping to piece together what led to this fatal altercation. The cooperation of the community is essential in ensuring that justice is served for Joshua Johnston Hayes and his loved ones.

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**In Conclusion**

The fatal shooting in the Huffman neighborhood has sent shockwaves through the community, leaving residents in mourning. The victim, Joshua Johnston Hayes, has been identified, and a woman is in custody for questioning. The investigation is ongoing, and authorities are urging anyone with information to come forward. As the community comes to terms with this tragedy, support and solidarity are needed now more than ever. We will continue to provide updates on this heartbreaking incident as more details emerge..

– Man identified deadly shooting Huffman
– Woman custody deadly shooting Huffman.

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