Breaking: Kimani Ngunjiri, CAS nominee and former UDA MP candidate, rejects party colors.

By | April 3, 2024

In a surprising turn of events, Kimani Ngunjiri, the Lands CAS nominee who ran for Bahati MP on a UDA ticket in 2022, has declared that he is fed up with the UDA Party. In a bold statement, Ngunjiri has stated that he will only wear the yellow party colors over his dead body. This shocking announcement has sent shockwaves through the political landscape, with many wondering what this means for Ngunjiri’s political future.

The announcement was made early in the morning, with Ngunjiri making his stance clear before the day had even begun. The timing of the announcement, just as the rains are about to fall, adds to the dramatic nature of the declaration. Social media has been buzzing with reactions to Ngunjiri’s statement, with many expressing surprise and disbelief at his decision to distance himself from the UDA Party.

Ngunjiri’s decision to break ties with the UDA Party comes at a critical time in Kenyan politics, with the country gearing up for the next general elections. The UDA Party, which is associated with Deputy President William Ruto, has been gaining momentum in recent months, making Ngunjiri’s departure all the more significant. The move has raised questions about the stability of the party and the impact it will have on its future prospects.

As news of Ngunjiri’s announcement spreads, political analysts are weighing in on the potential implications of his decision. Some believe that Ngunjiri’s departure could weaken the UDA Party’s stronghold in Bahati constituency, where he ran for MP in 2022. Others speculate that this could be the beginning of a larger exodus from the party, as members reassess their allegiance in light of Ngunjiri’s bold move.

The timing of Ngunjiri’s announcement has also raised eyebrows, coming just a few days after the UDA Party held a series of rallies in Bahati constituency. Some have suggested that Ngunjiri’s decision could be a response to recent developments within the party, while others see it as a calculated strategic move. Whatever the motivation behind the announcement, one thing is clear – Ngunjiri’s decision has the potential to shake up the political landscape in Kenya.

In the wake of Ngunjiri’s announcement, the UDA Party has yet to issue a formal response. However, party members have been quick to express their disappointment and frustration with Ngunjiri’s decision. Many have taken to social media to voice their support for the party and reaffirm their commitment to its cause. It remains to be seen how the party will navigate this unexpected development and what impact it will have on its future plans.

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For Ngunjiri, the road ahead is uncertain. Having severed ties with the UDA Party, he now faces the challenge of charting a new course for his political career. The coming days and weeks will be crucial as he seeks to establish his next steps and build a new political identity. Whatever the future holds for Ngunjiri, one thing is certain – his decision to break with the UDA Party has set in motion a chain of events that will reverberate throughout the political landscape in Kenya..


gabrieloguda said NEWS JUST IN: Lands CAS nominee, who ran ran for Bahati MP on UDA ticket in 2022, Kimani Ngunjiri, declares he's fed up with the UDA Party and will only wear the yellow party colours over his dead body. It's not even 11am and the rains are almost here.


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