Arya : “Kerala Police Investigating Death with Possible Black Magic Link”

By | April 3, 2024

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police Team to Investigate Mysterious Deaths in Arunachal Pradesh

In a puzzling turn of events, Kerala police have announced that they will be sending a team to Arunachal Pradesh to investigate the deaths of three individuals from the state. The deceased, a married couple from Kottayam and a woman from Thiruvananthapuram, were found dead under mysterious circumstances in a hotel room in Lower Subansiri district.

Speculations of Black Magic

Speculations have arisen that black magic may be behind the deaths, but Kerala police have stated that they cannot confirm this theory at present. Thiruvananthapuram city Police Commissioner C Nagaraju mentioned that there were abnormal behaviours observed in the three individuals, but further investigation is needed to determine the cause of their deaths.

Investigation Underway

The police team will be examining the mobile phones and electronic devices of the deceased to gather more evidence. Commissioner Nagaraju emphasized the importance of understanding why the three individuals travelled to Arunachal Pradesh and how their deaths occurred. While there is no information about other similar groups, the formation and objectives of this particular group will be thoroughly investigated.

Statements from Locals

Soorya Krishnamoorthy, a friend of the deceased couple’s family, expressed concerns about the involvement of black magic in the deaths. He highlighted the couple’s education and profession as ayurveda doctors, adding that awareness needs to be raised against falling into such traps.

A Tragic Discovery

Local residents near Naveen’s family described the couple as visiting occasionally and mentioned that they had arrived at the hotel on March 28. Naveen was involved in online trading, while his wife Devi was a German teacher and their friend Arya taught French at a private school.

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Autopsy Report Awaited

Police in Arunachal Pradesh initially suspected suicide, but a definitive conclusion can only be reached after the autopsy report is received. The investigation into the deaths of these three individuals continues, shedding light on a mysterious and tragic incident that has left many questions unanswered..

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