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By | April 3, 2024

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Investigation into Alleged Murder of 55-Year-Old Cadillac Man Unfolds

Reports have surfaced regarding the alleged murder of a 55-year-old man in Cadillac, whose body was discovered buried in his own backyard earlier this year. The Wexford County Prosecutor, Corey Wiggins, has confirmed receiving the preliminary police report and is currently reviewing it. However, he is still awaiting crucial reports such as toxicology and autopsy results to determine the official cause of death before any charges can be made.

Discovery of Body Raises Suspicion

The investigation began when police were called on February 20th about a missing 55-year-old Cadillac man. Upon reaching the man’s residence, authorities found his truck, dog, phone, and other personal belongings present but no sign of the man himself. A search of the property revealed a disturbed area behind the house, prompting detectives to obtain a search warrant and begin excavating the site.

Gruesome Findings Uncover Foul Play

During the excavation, investigators unearthed large pieces of burnt wood, tires, remnants of burnt clothing, and even a piece of what appeared to be flesh. Subsequent search warrants were obtained, and the Michigan State Police (MSP) crime lab was called in to gather more evidence from the scene. An autopsy conducted at the Western Michigan University Department of Pathology confirmed the body as that of the missing man.

Details of the Investigation

Police revealed in February that evidence pointed towards the man’s death being a result of homicide, although specific details were not disclosed due to the ongoing nature of the case. The victim’s residence was located outside the city limits of Cadillac in one of the surrounding townships, although the exact location was not specified by authorities. The MSP has also chosen not to release the victim’s name to the public.

Suspects in Custody

At the onset of the murder investigation, two suspects were identified who had been staying with the victim prior to his disappearance. Both suspects were already in custody on separate charges when the alleged murder was announced. Lieutenant Derrick Carroll of the MSP Seventh District confirmed that the suspects remain incarcerated on unrelated charges as the investigation continues.

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As the investigation into the alleged murder of the 55-year-old Cadillac man progresses, authorities are working diligently to piece together the events leading up to his tragic death. Stay tuned for further updates as more information becomes available.

Remember, if you have any information related to this case, please contact the authorities immediately. Your cooperation could be crucial in bringing justice to the victim and closure to his loved ones.


1. Wexford prosecutor reviewing prelim report alleged murder
2. Wexford prosecutor prelim report alleged murder.

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