Sapna : “19-Year-Old Man Kills Wife, Buries Body Near Railway Tracks; Arrested”

By | February 13, 2024

– 19-year-old man kills wife, buries body near railway tracks
– Man arrested for killing wife, burying body near railway tracks.

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New Delhi, February 13:

19-Year-Old Man Arrested for Killing Wife and Burying Body near Railway Tracks

A shocking incident has unfolded in north Delhi as a 19-year-old man has been arrested for allegedly murdering his wife and burying her body near the railway tracks. The main accused, identified as Vicky from Ashok Vihar, was apprehended along with his mother, Tara Devi, and a juvenile accomplice.

Background of the Tragedy

The incident came to light when Savitri Shukla, 55, the mother of the victim, Sapna, reported her daughter missing on January 25. Savitri had witnessed a heated argument between Sapna and her in-laws in December last year. Despite her attempts to communicate with her daughter, Savitri was informed by her mother-in-law that Sapna and Vicky had left home.

Unable to locate them, Savitri filed a complaint at the Ashok Vihar police station. The case took a grim turn when a dead body wrapped in a bed cover was discovered near the railway line on February 8. The body was later identified as Sapna, based on distinctive features including a tattoo on her left hand.

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Investigation and Arrest

The investigation revealed that Vicky’s mobile phone had been switched off since December 26, 2023, raising suspicions about his involvement. After collecting evidence and conducting interrogations, Vicky confessed to the crime with the assistance of his mother and brother.

Vicky confessed that their relationship had deteriorated after Sapna suffered a miscarriage in October 2023 due to her anaemia. The tragic incident occurred on the night of December 26, 2023, following a heated argument that turned violent, resulting in Sapna’s death. Vicky then buried her body in a pit.

The autopsy confirmed that Sapna’s cause of death was manual strangulation, categorizing it as a homicide.


This heartbreaking incident has shocked the community as a 19-year-old man stands accused of killing his wife. The arrest of Vicky, along with his mother and a juvenile accomplice, sheds light on a tragic domestic dispute that escalated to a horrifying crime. The investigation will continue as the authorities seek justice for Sapna’s untimely demise.


– “19-year-old man kills wife, buries dead body near railway tracks”
– “arrested 19-year-old man kills wife, buries body near railway tracks”.

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