S Syed Shafi : “Bengaluru Man Bites Traffic Police: Watch Viral Video!”

By | February 13, 2024

By Trend News Line 2024-02-13 05:52:00.

Viral Video Shows Man Biting Traffic police Officer’s Fingers in Bengaluru

A shocking incident captured on video has gone viral on social media. The footage shows a man biting the fingers of a traffic police officer in Bengaluru, India. The incident occurred on Monday and has sparked outrage among netizens.

The man responsible for the attack has been identified as S Syed Shafi, a 28-year-old private company employee. According to police reports, the incident took place when the traffic police constable attempted to take a photograph of Shafi riding without a helmet.

The accused, who resides in I Stage, BTM Layout, was spotted riding his two-wheeler without a helmet on Dr Marigowda Road at around 11:30 am. Head constable Sidrameshwara Kaujalagi noticed the violation and decided to capture photographic evidence.

However, when Kaujalagi took out his mobile phone to click a picture, Shafi became aggressive and confronted the constable. He even offered to surrender his number plate for photographic evidence. The situation quickly escalated as Shafi forcibly took Kaujalagi’s phone and attempted to flee.

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Fortunately, Kaujalagi managed to chase and stop the accused before he could escape. In the ensuing struggle, Shafi attacked the constable and bit his fingers. The commotion caught the attention of nearby police officers, who promptly arrived at the scene and detained Shafi.

Following the incident, the accused was released on station bail. The viral video has been widely shared on the internet, with many users expressing their opinions. One user sarcastically commented, “Did they become zombies? Why are they trying to bite people?”

Another user quipped, “Lol, this is something new. You want him to pay a fine, then it’s ok, but at least give him an innovation award. I’ve never seen anyone biting a police officer before.”

The incident has raised questions about the man’s motives and his brazen attack on a police officer. One Twitter user wondered why Shafi felt such urgency, asking if he was a doctor on his way to perform surgery or an ambulance on two wheels.

The shocking incident has alarmed the public and highlighted the need for respect towards law enforcement officers. As the video continues to circulate online, it serves as a reminder of the challenges faced by traffic police in carrying out their duties.

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1. “Bengaluru man bites traffic police in viral video”
2. “Bengaluru man attacks traffic police in viral incident”.

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