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By | February 13, 2024

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Australian Taxation Office Officials Investigated in Massive GST Fraud Crackdown

In a bombshell report from the auditor-general, it has been revealed that approximately 150 Australian Taxation Office (ATO) officials have been investigated as part of a major crackdown on Goods and Services Tax (GST) fraud. The investigation, known as Operation Protego, was launched in response to a tax fraud scandal that resulted in the payment of at least $2 billion in bogus GST refunds.

According to the report, the ATO confirmed that as of October 2023, 150 officials suspected of Operation Protego behaviors have been investigated through the tax office’s internal fraud procedures. The ATO has taken various actions in response to these behaviors, including termination of employment and criminal investigations.

The report does not provide specific details about the behaviors allegedly undertaken by the ATO officials or the number of officials who were terminated or faced criminal investigation. However, it does suggest that the GST fraud scam, which involved individuals acquiring an Australian Business Number (ABN) and fabricating business expenses to claim false GST refunds, not only spread throughout the Australian community but also affected the ATO itself.

In addition to the investigation of ATO officials, the report revealed that the GST fraud epidemic has resulted in more than 100 arrests and 16 convictions as of August 31 of the previous year. The scale of the fraud is startling, with $2 billion in false payouts identified as of June 30, and an additional $2.7 billion in suspect GST refunds stopped before reaching the fraudsters’ accounts.

The report also highlighted that the ATO has managed to recoup $123 million of the refunds in question and has administered additional penalties of $120 million. However, statutory interest continues to accumulate on unpaid liabilities, currently totaling $220 million.

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Furthermore, the report uncovered that beyond individuals who watched TikTok videos and set up dummy ABNs, some Australians had their identities stolen for participation in the scam. The ATO has identified individuals who had their identities stolen and used to lodge fictitious Business Activity Statements or were coerced into participating or providing credentials to third parties. It is estimated that over 57,000 people are considered participants in Operation Protego.

The auditor-general’s report also highlighted areas for improvement in the ATO’s detection and prevention of GST fraud. It recommended revising and clarifying roles and responsibilities for fraud prevention, conducting regular assessments of fraud risks, developing a response to large-scale fraud events, and considering alternative benchmarks for what constitutes fraud. The ATO has agreed to all five recommendations.

Overall, this report sheds light on the extent of the GST fraud scandal in Australia and the actions taken by the ATO to combat it. With criminal proceedings and employment terminations resulting from the investigations, it is evident that the ATO is committed to addressing this issue and preventing future occurrences..

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