Mohammad Shahid, Ravi : “Tragic Incident: Ragpickers’ Lives Lost in Delhi Sewer – Metals Retrieval Gone Wrong”

By | February 13, 2024

1. Ragpickers tragic incident
2. Delhi sewer tragedy.

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Two Men Die from Asphyxiation While Trying to Retrieve Metallic Objects from Sewer in Delhi

New Delhi: In a tragic incident, two men lost their lives due to asphyxiation while attempting to retrieve metallic objects from a sewer in northwest Delhi’s Keshav Puram. The deceased have been identified as Mohammad Shahid, 47, and Ravi, 27, both residents of Nangloi and known to each other.

The incident came to light when a guard spotted the two men lying in the sewer on Saturday. The authorities were immediately informed, and a team of police officers rushed to the scene. The duo was taken out from the sewer and rushed to the hospital, where they were sadly declared dead.

Preliminary investigations suggest that the men entered the sewer in search of valuable metals. Both Shahid and Ravi were ragpickers who collected rags from drains and sewers to sell them to scrap dealers. They relied on this income to support their families.

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CCTV footage from the area is currently being reviewed to determine the sequence of events leading to the tragedy. The incident took place near factories, raising the possibility that the duo was looking for metallic objects in the sewer.

Following the postmortem examination, the bodies were handed over to their grieving family members. The postmortem report will provide further insight into the cause of their untimely deaths.

This unfortunate incident is not the first of its kind in the area. In the past, similar cases have occurred, where individuals entered sewers for various reasons and tragically lost their lives due to asphyxiation.

It is crucial to raise awareness about the dangers associated with entering sewers and other hazardous environments. Authorities should take necessary measures to prevent such incidents and ensure the safety of individuals who rely on such activities for their livelihood.

In conclusion, the loss of Shahid and Ravi serves as a reminder of the risks faced by those working in hazardous conditions. It is imperative to prioritize their safety and provide alternative means of income to prevent further tragedies..

– Ragpickers tragic incident in Delhi sewer
– Two ragpickers lose lives in Delhi sewer while retrieving metals.

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