Kelly Junius Peterson : “Kan. Inmate Dies: Child Sex Crime Accusations”

By | February 13, 2024

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PETERSON-photo Sedgwick County
PETERSON-photo Sedgwick County

Tragic Death of Inmate with Chronic Health Issues in Sedgwick County Jail

A 36-year-old inmate, Kelly Junius Peterson, with a history of health issues, tragically passed away on Sunday in Sedgwick County, Kansas. Peterson had been battling chronic medical problems and was frequently hospitalized since his arrest in October 2020 on felony charges.

Struggles with Chronic Medical Issues

According to Sedgwick County booking records, Peterson had been seeking medical assistance for his chronic health issues for the past three years. He reported difficulties to jail medical staff and was evaluated by the Detention Facility Medical Clinic. His condition required hospitalization a total of 25 times, with eight hospitalizations occurring in 2023 alone.

Efforts to Treat Peterson

The hospital staff worked tirelessly to treat Peterson’s condition, but unfortunately, his chances of survival were extremely slim. Acting on medical advice, the Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office reached out to Peterson’s family on February 8 and made arrangements for them to visit him in the hospital.

Tragic Demise

On Sunday, just before 5:30 p.m., Peterson was pronounced deceased. The Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office promptly notified both the Kansas Bureau of Investigation and the Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Investigation Division for further inquiry.

A Life Cut Short

Kelly Junius Peterson’s untimely death highlights the challenges faced by inmates with chronic medical conditions. His arrest in October 2020 on charges of Criminal Sodomy, Aggravated Indecent Liberties, and Sexual Exploitation of a child marked a turning point in his life. Despite ongoing medical care, Peterson’s health deteriorated, leading to his tragic demise.

Support and Investigation

The Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office is committed to providing support and assistance to Peterson’s grieving family during this difficult time. The Kansas Bureau of Investigation and the Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Investigation Division will conduct a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding Peterson’s death.


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