Jon Gambrell : “OpenAI CEO warns of AI dangers due to societal misalignments”

By | February 13, 2024

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Dubai Summit Highlights AI Dangers

The CEO of OpenAI, Sam Altman, has expressed his concerns about the potential dangers of artificial intelligence (AI). Speaking at the World Government Summit in Dubai, Altman emphasized the risks posed by “very subtle societal misalignments” that could lead to disastrous consequences. While the prospect of killer robots often dominates discussions about AI, Altman focused on the unintended consequences of AI systems operating in society.

Need for Global Regulation

Altman called for the establishment of an international body, similar to the International Atomic Energy Agency, to oversee the rapid advancements in AI technology. He stressed that the AI industry should not be solely responsible for regulating itself, urging for a global action plan that receives widespread support.

OpenAI’s Position

OpenAI, a leading AI startup based in San Francisco, has attracted significant attention and investment. Microsoft has invested around $1 billion in the company, and OpenAI has partnered with the Associated Press to access its news archive. However, OpenAI has also faced legal challenges, with The New York Times suing the company and Microsoft over the unauthorized use of its stories.

Altman’s Role and Future of AI

As the CEO of OpenAI, Altman has become a prominent figure in the commercialization of generative AI. He acknowledged the concerns surrounding the rapid development of AI technology but emphasized that it is still in its early stages. Altman compared current AI technology to the first cellphones with black-and-white screens, indicating that significant advancements are yet to come.

Local Concerns in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates (UAE), known for its strict control over speech, presents its own risks in the AI field. The country’s leading Arabic-language AI model, developed by the Abu Dhabi firm G42, has faced allegations of surveillance and spying. G42 has denied these claims and stated its commitment to addressing American concerns by severing ties with Chinese suppliers.

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Looking Ahead

Altman expressed optimism about the future of AI, highlighting its increasing acceptance in schools as a valuable tool for students. However, he emphasized the need for ongoing debate and discussion to ensure that AI is harnessed responsibly and safeguards against potential societal misalignments are put in place.

While AI continues to advance rapidly, Altman’s call for global regulation serves as a reminder of the importance of addressing the potential risks associated with this transformative technology.

By Jon Gambrell, The Associated Press


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