Htet Naing Lin : Pickup Truck vs Golf Cart Collision: Multiple Injuries

By | February 13, 2024

By Trend News Line 2024-02-13 07:05:34.

Multiple Injuries Reported in Collision at Lavish Beach Resort Entrance in Jomtien

A collision between a pickup truck and a golf cart at the entrance road of a lavish beach resort in Jomtien has left several individuals injured, with some even impaled by metal objects. The incident occurred when Htet Naing Lin, a 20-year-old Myanmar national, was delivering goods to the hotel and encountered the golf cart emerging from a side street.

In an attempt to avoid a crash, Lin hit the brakes but accidentally pressed the accelerator, leading to a collision between the pickup truck and the golf cart. Despite the chaotic scene, Lin stayed at the site to assist authorities in managing the aftermath of the accident.

As a result of the collision, three people sustained injuries, with victims scattered on the road. Prompting an urgent response from rescue teams, one of the injured was the 33-year-old golf cart driver, Kornthawat Klongsamran. He had a piece of metal impaled in his right leg, requiring rescue teams to utilize cutting equipment to free him from the wreckage. He was then rushed to a nearby hospital for immediate medical attention.

Two passengers, identified as Daniel Berner, a 51-year-old Israeli national, and Yuka Mizoguchi, a 59-year-old Japanese national, also suffered injuries in the collision. Berner complained of pain around his right hip area and had a pierced wound on his right thigh. Meanwhile, Miss Mizoguchi sustained a puncture wound on her right forehead and abrasions on her body, as reported by Pattaya Mail.

In ongoing investigations, authorities are looking into the cause of the accident and plan to conduct interviews with both parties involved once the injured individuals have sufficiently recovered to provide statements.

In related news, a tragic incident occurred on January 31 when a pickup truck carrying construction workers spiraled out of control and collided with a tree in the Huai Sat Yai area of Hua Hin. This unfortunate event resulted in four fatalities and numerous injuries. The incident was promptly reported to Nong Plub police Station in Hua Hin, Prachuap Khiri Khan province.

As the investigations continue, further details and updates will be provided..

– Pickup truck vs golf cart collision
– Injured several individuals.

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