Haley Lalley, Michael Russell, Cory Roper : “Turkey Creek Wreckage: Coroner Identifies 3 Victims & Causes of Death”

By | February 13, 2024

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A devastating tragedy has struck a family in Alabama as a car accident claimed the lives of three individuals over the weekend. The vehicle crashed into Turkey Creek off a bridge on Bradford Road near Pinson. The victims have been identified as Haley Lalley, Michael Russell, and Cory Roper. According to the coroner, all three individuals died from blunt force trauma after colliding with the bridge, subsequently plunging down the embankment and into the ravine of Turkey Creek.

Heartbroken Son Mourning Loss

Mason Roper, son of Cory Roper, is utterly heartbroken over the sudden and tragic loss of his father. In a poignant moment, Mason was able to identify his father’s body by the jacket he was wearing—a jacket Mason had given him as a Christmas gift. Overwhelmed with grief, Mason shared, “When I saw the photos and recognized that jacket, I instantly knew it was him, and that realization shattered me.”


A Harrowing Accident

It appears that the car carrying Lalley, Russell, and Roper collided with the bridge before somersaulting down the embankment. The vehicle ultimately came to rest on its roof in Turkey Creek. Mason speculates that the accident may have been caused by a collision with a deer, as evidence of deer blood was found on the road nearby. Daniel Prince, a resident living near the bridge, claims to have heard the crash but did not witness the wreckage due to the deep ravine obscuring the view.

Investigation Underway

The coroner has determined that the cause of death for all three victims was blunt-force trauma, ruling out drowning as a contributing factor. The exact timing of the accident remains unknown, though it is believed to have occurred between Thursday and Saturday. As the families cope with their devastating loss, the sheriff’s department is actively investigating the circumstances surrounding the accident.

Mason expressed the profound impact his father, Haley Lalley, and Michael Russell had on their loved ones, saying, “Everybody loved them, and their untimely deaths have left a void that cannot be filled. We miss them deeply.” Concerned about the safety of the road, Prince advocates for the installation of guardrails to prevent similar tragedies from occurring in the future.


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