Genesse Ivonne Moreno : “Texas Megachurch Shooter: AR-Style Rifle Attack with Young Son – Police Investigation”

By | February 13, 2024

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In a shocking turn of events, a shooting took place at Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas on Sunday, leaving one person dead and a 7-year-old boy critically injured. The shooter has been identified as Genesse Ivonne Moreno, a 36-year-old individual with a history of mental illness.

According to Houston police, Moreno used an AR-style rifle in the attack and had both male and female aliases. However, investigators have determined that Moreno identified as female based on past police reports. The motive for the shooting is still unclear, but authorities are looking into a dispute involving Moreno and the family of their ex-husband.

Court documents from a divorce and child custody battle revealed that Moreno’s ex-mother-in-law sought advice from church pastoral staff. Moreno’s mother is a member of Lakewood Church, which is led by renowned evangelist pastor Joel Osteen. However, church spokesperson Don Iloff stated that the shooter was not known to church staff, and no one familiar with the contact described in the legal filings has been found.

Investigators have discovered antisemitic writings by Moreno, and a “Palestine” sticker was found on the buttstock of the rifle used in the attack. Houston Police Commander Chris Hassig described Moreno as a “lone wolf” who did not appear to be part of a larger group.

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During the shooting, Moreno entered the church building with their son and pointed a gun at an unarmed security guard. Chaos ensued as Moreno began firing inside the church. However, off-duty Houston police officer Christopher Moreno and Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission Agent Adrian Herrera, who were working as security guards, quickly responded and returned fire, ultimately killing the shooter. It is still unknown if Moreno’s son was accidentally shot by one of the security guards.

The incident took place solely in a church hallway, and the main sanctuary remained untouched by the violence. Authorities have commended the bravery and quick response of the security guards, referring to them as a “wall that existed between worshippers and terror.”

Lakewood Church attracts a staggering 45,000 people weekly, making it the third-largest megachurch in the United States. Pastor Joel Osteen expressed gratitude that the shooting occurred during a smaller Spanish service rather than the larger late Sunday morning service, which could have resulted in even more casualties.

As the investigation continues, questions arise about how Moreno was able to legally purchase the AR-style rifle despite their criminal and mental health history. Houston Police Chief Troy Finner has vowed to look into the matter further.

This tragic incident has left the community in shock and mourning. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families as they navigate this difficult time..

– Shooter entered Texas megachurch with young son and used AR-style rifle in the attack
– Police say shooter entered Texas megachurch with young son and used AR-style rifle in the attack.

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