Denisse Oleas-Arancibia : “Queens Mom Found Dead in SoHo Hotel, Iron Suspected, Tragic Incident”

By | February 13, 2024

– Woman found dead in SoHo hotel with iron
– Queens mom found dead in SoHo hotel.

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Tragic Murder of Queens Mother in SoHo Hotel

A horrifying incident has shocked the residents of New York City as a woman was discovered dead inside a SoHo hotel room in Lower Manhattan. The victim has been identified as 38-year-old Denisse Oleas-Arancibia, a loving mother from Queens. Her life was tragically cut short in a brutal attack, leaving behind a devastated family.

The hotel maid made the gruesome discovery last Thursday, February 8. Oleas-Arancibia’s lifeless body was found lying on the floor, covered by a blanket. The room was eerily silent, except for the presence of a bloody iron nearby, suggesting a violent struggle had taken place.

According to the NYC Office of Chief Medical Examiner, Oleas-Arancibia’s cause of death was determined to be compression of the neck and blunt force trauma. The investigation has officially classified her death as a homicide. The New York police Department is diligently working on the case, but no arrests have been made thus far.

Oleas-Arancibia, a Jackson Heights resident, had been staying at the hotel for several days. Her son, Edwin Cevallos, revealed that his mother had been displaying signs of nervousness in the week leading up to her tragic demise. Having recently moved from Ecuador to New York City, she lived with her son and a young nephew, while her parents and younger son resided in South America.

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The grief-stricken Cevallos expressed his shock and disbelief, stating, “Everything here in New York reminds me of her. Everything.” He described his mother as a hardworking woman who constantly aspired to provide a better life for her children. Cevallos had eagerly awaited his mother’s return home on that fateful Thursday, only to receive the devastating news from the police.

Oleas-Arancibia’s dedication to helping others was well-known to those around her. Cevallos emphasized her kindness and generosity, always willing to lend a helping hand. She was a pillar of strength for her family, ensuring they had everything they needed to thrive in their new country.

As the investigation into this heart-wrenching crime continues, the community mourns the loss of Denisse Oleas-Arancibia. Her memory will forever live on in the hearts of those who knew and loved her..

1. “Woman found dead in SoHo hotel with bloody iron next to her ID’d as Queens mom”
2. “Woman found dead in SoHo hotel with iron and identification linked to Queens mother”.

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